hard fantasy: painstakingly researching what the scientific understanding of the world was like in the 13th century so that the magic described in the story would not contradict it

like, all i'm saying is, it doesn't happen with physics. nobody ever goes "capitalism's desire for eternal growth will result in the earth collapsing on itself from gravitational forces".

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and yes, i know that psychology and sociology are actual sciences, but non-experts on the internet really like making statements about societies that would sound like some sort of hippie-era new-age spirituality if they didn't cover themselves in a tiny bit of psychology

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personal opinion: the way people online analyze societies w/r/t people's mental health reminds me of alchemy a bit (not in the sense that it's all wrong, but more that we still lack the theories and fundamental knowledge needed for it to make scientific outcomes)

SUPER HOT PELLET MUNCHER 2000 is the most innovative maze game i've played in years lexaloffle.com/bbs/?pid=43819

i've had this laptop for more than a month and only now i discover that its touchpad has a middle mouse button click area, not just left and right


"Ladies and gentleman...
...rock and roll."

JOIN COMFY TV - discord.gg/w7KeecBygB

it's a disgrace that most software manufacturers only publish the "release" versions of their software, after they've already made a ton of editorial changes to the original vision! stop censoring all the bugs and badly-implemented features!

decided to go back to . might have a cleaner ui, but it doesn't have a mode to use proxies for tracker connections (helpful when torrent trackers are banned) or a search feature

kinda disappointing that i'm not hugging a cutie right now

now i wonder: what would a structure for a truly decentralized and authoritarian-proof internet look like? one where a malicious actor can't just redirect all traffic to a fake website without the entire infrastructure noticing it and routing around them?

like, a typical scenario of internet censorship: a long-standing website with valid ssl certificates is suddenly either unavailable or seemingly replaced by a new one that's signed by a different company and whose certificates are much less time-tested. surely that's something that, in a better routing system, can be detected and punished pretty easily?

Selfies, ec, :boost_requested:โ€‹ 

Some wonderfully edited foxxo selfies, courtesy of my girlfriend @Gumby ๐Ÿ’™


if i were an american political party, i'd delay passing a voter rights bill until right before the midterms, so that it works the best during the election and before the conservative supreme court removes all of its best parts


yes, "showing people where lobsters spend winter" is an actual saying in russia that's typically used as a threat.

really annoying whenever remastered or upscaled versions of textures and stuff use different fonts or otherwise completely screw up typography

think i'm gonna solve it this way: get the first seasons of voy, ent _and_ dis, show a few episodes of each, then let her choose

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