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does twitter have a secret algorithm that always puts replies from people you follow or have _some_ connection (like mutual followers) first?

looks like me having an alpine linux distribution put a bit of a wrench in the bosses' plans to make everybody install the same anti-virus.

the installer complains about library functions that don't exist in musl libc.

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@mcpaccard this sounds like amazing news! does it also use activitypub?

Naoya Matsuoka (1937-2014) is the outrun jazz fusion you've been looking for:

according to an incredibly comprehensive Outrun/Sega AM2 blog Matsuoka's oeuvre literally inspired Outrun's music:
(seriously, click around this blog, a decade+ of fantastic research awaits)

got there via the blogger commenting on this also-interesting Eurogamer article about artifacts discovered while moving Sega's longtime HQ:

@marzanna oh... gotta be honest, i didn't expect anyone to answer...

now that i think about it, if that were to happen, i would have no idea what to talk about...

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RMS pulls a serious power move (read: dick move), unilaterally appointing a maintainer to Guile without consulting the other co-maintainers or community, because the current co-maintainers disagree with him on governance

if any of y'all are ever in moscow: maybe we should hang out?

Every now and then I remember "Now! That's What I Call une pipe" out of nowhere and just lose it

idea: chart the map of the earth in different colors based on whether

— their language's name for belarus translates to "white russia"
— their language's name for belarus is a transcription
— it is both (if it's a slavic language or if they picked similar sounds for "white")

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