puyo puyo, except all the characters are just hiragana "a" in different fonts

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the linux documentation project should have called itself the linux documentation repository

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Форточка — это стагнация на пути к фрактальному окну-матрешке.

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someone should come up with an organization that would observe local events without also having a vested interest in making things seem scary because they're also the ones that are tasked with enforcing the law

@UtopianRevolt nah, i know what that is (tho i don't play it myself), was just being silly :-p

looks like a lot of people on my timeline are into something called "end walker"? good for them

the united states senate has elected a new pope

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You can’t make this stuff up. The Senate apparently cuts a deal to avert a government shutdown and there is actual white smoke wafting from the Senate wing of the Capitol

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@inexcode они все принадлежат одному и тому же олигарху?



i dislike authoritarian socialist states a lot, but maybe not as much as some editorial writers who actually think that makes fascism a preferable alternative

like, the only way anyone can think that is if they have no morals at all and sincerely think that the possibility of an economic crisis caused by transitioning to a state-run economy (or by transitioning from it if/when it fails) is worse than the millions of lives that will be intentionally ended and/or ruined by a fascist government.

(and, like, you _can_ make an argument that that economic crisis may end up causing even more suffering and death, but anticapitalists would respond by saying that capitalist economies _right now_ fail millions of people.)

either way, siding with fascists like that means you end up treating a worst-case hypothetical as a certainty and ignoring the actual value of human lives.

a robot that looks like a blue hedgehog and a flying variant styled after an orange fox... interesting...

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In Mega Man Revolution Remix (@MMRevoRemix@twitter.com) , instead of just straight refights, returning mini-bosses you encounter in the Fortress Stages will have new looks, attacks and/or patterns.
This video shows the mini-bosses from Haste & Saw and their Fortress Stage refights.

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can't wait for version 0.2.4 when "export file.p8.png" becomes a valid command

services that are only available via smartphone app, but which could have _easily_ been done by making a regular website, are evil

first of all, a web browser reacting to the specific websites you're visiting to dissuade you seems kinda scummy, and also

"with the added trust of microsoft"? i don't know anyone who _trusts_ microsoft in any way.

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@NilsAhrDE@twitter.com yeah, as I mentioned in the article, there are different ones they show:

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