think i should use that logo and make some terrible video game translations

(this is a joke that might have missed you if you didn't play 5th or 6th generation console games in russia)

saw someone in a long coat with a hoodie wearing all black, and they looked like some sort of monk from an evil cult would in an rpg

not a fan of that thing where someone asks for help, but refuses to clarify what exactly they need until i physically come close to them

@256 i liked the "unlimited" version, but it's disappointing that they removed the original simcity3000's "sim broadway" tune...

the biggest missed opportunity in my opinion: has, like, an entire feature designed to prevent other apps stealing focus, but apparently it doesn't apply to autostarted apps, because i _still_ keep seeing windows doing it, usually when i'm in the middle of typing my password in the terminal to update all my packages :-(

@maytree1 @schratze so what i'm getting from that is if i move to germany, i should bring a bunch of u.s.-layout* qwerty keyboards along with me

* in my specific case they'll be russian-layout keyboards, but the english part of those is identical to the u.s. layout

@chr checked it with psiphon, and it seems like the servers cybre uses to store images may be blocked in russia?

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feels like is being a bit slow at loading images? @chr

the idea of using powerful graphical shaders to enhance the look of minecraft, of all games, is kinda funny to me

@dredmorbius this is actually also why i support severe limits on inheritance.

regardless of whether one thinks a person who became a multimillionaire did this in a moral or immoral way, people _shouldn't_ have wildly different starting points of wealth and opportunity just because of who their parents were.

especially since this also ends up reproducing any historical prejudice as well.

it's kinda annoying that when i get a phone call, the options are either

1. it's a robocall intent on either inviting me to some medical test, where either my data will be sold or where i will be advised to undertake expensive unnecessary treatment at a private clinic

2. it's a robocall intent on stealing my bank account

3. it's a call from a delivery person informing me about my online purchase

basically what i'm saying is, if i worked at an online store, i would probably consider _texting_ my clients instead of calling them

В число обязательных программ войдет магазин приложений RuStore 

@DSO @rf стоит заметить, что даже самсунг, который обожает не давать пользователям возможность удалить свои приложения, всё-таки сделал все "обязательные" приложения из папки "закон" удаляемыми

trek snw e01 spoilers, politics 

is it just me or they used footage of protests in ukraine for the screens on that alien planet?

i still think it's a disgrace that schools and workplaces are kept open while there's literally tons of dihydrogen monoxide being leaked onto the ground from the atmosphere

i bet is much nicer if you're on pleroma and not mastodon, but at least it also got rid of the 5 tab limit!

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