Предыдущие картинки с иконками потерялись, выложу новую.

← game console shouldn't just collect dust on a shelf in a hope it won't break, it should be played so it brings joy to people and be researched so that we know what to do, or what can replace it, if it breaks.

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...now that i think about it, nothing is eternal. the best option isn't just to senselessly preserve things by keeping them in vaults, it's to research things so that we know how they're made, that we can emulate them, improve on them, adapt them to the modern world. an old →

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@trwnh but really, a slide-out qwerty keyboard makes any phone cool... i wanna get myself one of those modern-day android blackberries, assuming they're not too out-of-date

← vertically-slanted UI elements and lines of text specifically to fit the writing system's needs, which would probably differentiate it a lot from every other user interface?

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← since the writing system usually features text that goes left and down at an angle, it can fit poorly into the rectangular boxes into which text is normally fit.

i was imagining that a user interface designed with such a writing system in mind would instead probably have →

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i was thinking about that article about iranian writing systems and how the more traditional and elaborate nastaliq writing system is often being dismissed in favor of the regular arabic script (naskh). there are several proper nastaliq fonts, some even included with oses, but →

@elagabalus hey, i was just interested in it bc the titles were in russian, not...

ah, sorry, i get it ^_^

"транс*фест" проводится на выходных в спб. vk.com/t_action?w=wall-1065142

хочу дружиться и обниматься с заброшенными обществом транс- и небинарными людьми

feeling kinda sad right now, and i don't really know why

looks crazy

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What appears to be a proper Crazy Taxi successor has launched on all three major consoles (not PC), to... absolutely nothing. I came across it by accident. Haven't heard of it at all.


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sounds awesome

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So I tried honesty this term. I told my students that I totally understood the privacy concerns, and that students were free to turn off their cameras - either all the time, or occasionally. And I said that I totally understood that their were hundreds of good reasons for it.

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@auravulpes i hope i eventually find a good video arcade in moscow -- which, given it's a city of 12 million people, shouldn't be hard, but still

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