← cash prizes, modern home appliances or sunny vacations abroad."

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"If you manage to complete the game without using all of your credits, then first off, well done!! You are a *credit* to your species!! Remaining credits will now be obliterated. They cannot be used to supplement your next game's allowance, nor can they be exchanged for →

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"Set to *On* to allow applicable music and sound effects to playback with the multi-direction audible perspective of stereophonic sound. Step into the next dimension, and prepare to be wowed!"

- description of the "stereo playback" option in "" manual

apparently, "dp" is one of the "words" that is not allowed for custom designs in ...


@WeWereSeeds yes, i made the screenshot myself just to verify it's real

Selfie, lewdish but mostly coz suggestive of something than actual lewdness 

personal political opinion 

has anyone managed to extract all the newly-created retro music in arcade ports and turn them into .vgm files?

wanna hug cuties
wanna hang out with cuties
wanna be lewd with cuties (only if they want it, ofc)

police brutality, meme 

politics thread p6 

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