what if: weirdos who have weird opinions about the japanese language, except it turns out they also have similar weird opinions about their native language and have a hard time understanding figures of speech or metaphors

family ww2 pol p2 

dad: "the western nations are being propagandized into dismissing the soviet union's war efforts!"

dad: *also watches poorly-sourced videos on youtube that dismiss the allies' war efforts*

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family ww2 pol 

seems like for my parents, victory day is actually shitting on all of the non-soviet allies day


* ability for the enemies to shoot you, and for you to respawn
* bullet-bullet collisions
* accurate wall damage
* all 35 level layouts, ripped right from the original game

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turns out, someone else made a pico-8 version of "battle city" before. it seems pretty accurate, gotta say. i'm still planning on doing my version, bc i wanna make my own improvements and stuff... lexaloffle.com/bbs/?pid=33272#

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found this old article in russian, where a dude talks about how some parts of the game work, in particular: collision for both tanks and bullets, level data, enemy AI...

this shall be useful!


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added a simple snap-to-grid that would help if a tank is stuck somewhere

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added basic collision and tank animation. i think the game also has a trick where it snaps the tank to the grid if it doesn't fit just right, but i'll implement that once i actually get actual levels happening. there are also basic sound effects.

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ww2 pol p2 

← ordered to stop fighting on may 8th, 23:01 german time. german summer time was back then, and still is, utc+2. moscow ran on utc+3, so it was 00:01 on may 9th for us.

(also, turns out the ussr only had consistent daylight savings time since 1981.)

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ww2 pol 

my mom was convinced that the difference between the rest of europe celebrating VE day on may 8th and ussr/russia celebrating it on may 9th was a politically-motivated one...

turns out, it was just a simple timezone difference. the german armed forces were →

generates a random level by placing random 4x4 level elements (and 15 different varieties of wall, because walls can be partially broken) and carves out spaces for the player tanks (4 instead of 2), enemies (6 instead of 3) and the base

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i keep reading about "unspeakable games" with sexual content and now i imagine some indie dev making a 18+ visual novel, in which none of the characters say anything

is it just me or some people seem to really dislike the audio format? why?

tired: force-femming guys
wired: voluntary-femming indecisive eggs

Called the Doctors and said I was called Sophia and they thought I said "Theo" and my voice dysphoria latched on and hasn't let go (Image Source: Azul Crescent)


@weird_hell >orthodox

you found russia!

Recently in public statements in front of Congress, to customers, and in court, Apple has claimed that there were two eras in selling software: in boxes on retail shelves, and then their App Store.

Apple is full of shit. They're trying to erase the largest and most significant way people have sold software: directly to others, online.

"What It Was Like to Sell Apps Online in 2003"


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