looks like my VPS where i host my new masto account is doing maintenance...

@Riedler not yet, i might decide to move to another masto instance instead of creating my own...

hi @avie , i'm in the process of moving to a self-hosted instance at @rnd

with the shutdown of cybre.space on the horizon, let me just plug my mastodon export data viewer again~ github.com/blackle/mastodon-da

grayed out the background on my pfp here to differentiate it from @rnd

looks like there's a lot of customizability in pleroma-fe. here's my attempt at making a style that references cybre.space.

so far i've decided to install and create my own instance. y'all can follow me at @rnd

iunno if i actually move there completely or find another instance, but so far self-hosting has been an interesting experience

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@chr would it be okay if i made a visual style for my new instance replicating the colors of cybre.space?

i think i figured out a working self-hosted setup with , so y'all can try following @rnd

@oreolek я думаю снести там всё и попробовать akkoma

i'm here to kick ass and appreciate cuties

and i'll never run out of cuties

weird, seems like follow requests and other such stuff from my self-hosted gotosocial just doesn't reach the server

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