why did my brain decide that a 1990 russian song "american boy" needed a japanese style arrangement?

just noticed: different copies of the "ebina" gadget have different offsets for the 3 screens in the bg

does anyone know where exactly this beat (often used in soccer chants) came from?

checking out ... wonder if i can remake one of my things in it...

so, uh... when are "ebina" and "otorii" gadgets coming to ?

that's confusing. 's "kamata" (specifically, the "pitch env" settings) uses the same abbreviation "SL" for both "start level" and "sustain level". why not "IL" for "initial level"?

castlevania: bloodlines - "iron blue intention"!

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曲が短いから、もう一曲【Iron Blue Intention】を増やしてみたけど、耳コピが苦手だから、思った通りにならない!

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impressive as heck

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oh, cool, "kamiko"! i liked that game ^_^

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super mario land!

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a master system/mark III style tune for some sort of old adventure game

(note: the video is just a single screenshot. you can't do captures longer than 30 seconds on the switch, so i used a line input jack, audacity and ffmpeg to create this video.)

this is a masto exclusive for now, because apparently twitter is a jerk and demands all videos have at least 40 frames of actual video?

oh hai "junko"! you've done a sweet remix of "mystery of convoy" for the famicom!

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