ooh, so 2.0.4 added lunar new year zodiac figurines for all 12 signs, neat

would have been disappointing if the game stopped being supported with only part of the set available

huh, the "pile of cash" item in is customizable, but either way it looks like dollars... i would have expected at least an option that makes it look like yen...

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i do hope that before support for actually ends, they make a final patch that will make all holiday-specific items rebuyable or smth like that

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got to the "ending" of the happy home paradise dlc ...

nintendo: we don't want to get in trouble with the red cross organization, but we'll let players do it if they want!

trying to design a train-cab-like home in made me feel like the game desperately needs a "glass cup of tea in a metal holder" item for that russian railroads atmosphere

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