think i should use that logo and make some terrible video game translations

(this is a joke that might have missed you if you didn't play 5th or 6th generation console games in russia)

huh, turns out

1. FAT file systems don't record modification time in exact seconds, and that's why freshly copies files can sometimes register as having a different mtime

2. actually has a method of accounting for that happening, and it's listed in the man page!

probably bad japanese 


wait, is the healing spell "mercurocrum" (as repeatedly used by the protagonist crew's priest) in the french web video series "noob" named after an annoying ad?

even 's own pronunciation thing messes up 1st and 20th, saying "ichinichi" and "nijuunichi" instead of "tsuitachi" and "hatsuka"

speaking of that video: the "seamless" design looks a bit like the font used in the "star trek" logo.

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back in 2020, i saw the "sports 2" game jam and wanted to make a game about a future mix of american 🏈 and association ⚽football, called "super football 2020". the game wasn't developed a lot further than a pseudo-3d demo where you could run around and kick a ball, but i made some nice graphics.

saw this video on segmented displays...

reminded me that i actually made a bunch of segment-based pixel art fonts some time ago.

i don't know why people say does good design. like, this is their official self-service store website!

@drq картинка к стриму для тех, у кого форбидден

the "geometric weather" app on is pretty neat. i like its animations, they actually look like something you'd expect out of a first-party proprietary weather app

changes: mirror, a bag for the rear rack, raised seat height (i bought some tools for it, might need to lower later)

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