seems like whoever updated the localized textures for the mobile port of aa4 got a bit careless? there's a japanese street address, in english, on one of the pieces of evidence...

but also in the same case, there's another piece of evidence where there is instead an american address...

so it's like some sort of fest... during which everyone splats each other...

duolingo, ussrpol mention 

... as did die Oktoberrevolution

решил построить лодочное шоссе на сервере, щас оно соединяет новый спавн и море

back to playing "boson x". already beat the regular levels, now it's dark boson time...

society if "journey to silius" was actually released as the terminator game it was originally developed to be

oh, yeah, the rest of the world is yet to accept 24-hour timekeeping as a norm...

i got confused by this one, but ironically because of the english part instead of the japanese part. i at first thought it used the word "put" in the past tense instead of the present.

turns out irregular verbs are a mess even if you know about them.

got a update and found out it has an accessibility setting to change username colors to be displayed separately from usernames

sounds useful, especially when some servers have role colors that contrast poorly

ooh, so german uses the same "half" system as russian (where "пол-первого", "half of first", also means 12:30)

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