iunno who came up with putting the little wings on a juicebox cap opener, but they're a genius

more pixel art logos, this time including historical teams from season E. special thanks to @sanyanese@twitter.com and @bartonhearsawho@twitter.com for helping me with the "beijing bicycles" team.

the new team in is called the "green hill hedgehogs", and their tagline is "in the zone!". of course i couldn't resist making this their pixel art logo ^_^

slight update, now desandy.wad has a proper credits screen. also here's some regular screenshots, taken in chocolate doom: (tho i think it's best to use crispy, because freedoom's maps are targeting limit-removing rn, not vanilla!)

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any speakers here? i've been asked to make a 3x5 pixel art font for greek characters, and i would like to know how to make some of these characters more distinct/readable if possible.

an attempt at drawing a pixel-art font replicating the lettering used in titles of mtg cards

whoever was changing the team names for "ferrari grand prix challenge" on the genesis/megadrive must have been a pinball fan

political test 


i don't have _strong_ views regarding what i'm for, but i'm definitely against 1. unregulated capitalism, 2. social conservatism, 3. authoritarian government

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Meet the newest addition to the family! Releasing 08/10, Nintendo Switch (OLED model) brings the versatility of the Nintendo Switch experience with a new vibrant 7-inch OLED screen, a wide adjustable stand, and more.

Get the info: bit.ly/36eNepM

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если серьёзно, то почему у нас в стране с якобы федеральной формой государства петербургский суд решает, что разрешено или запрещено на территории всей страны?

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Теперь Евангелион запретить — и заживём, построим Россию без грустных.

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reminds me of that thing where someone looked at all the confederate states' constitutions to see what amazing new rights the states wanted, and it was just slavery

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As always, states' rights *to do what*

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looks awesome <3

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Our Non-Binary Pride Versatta Kilts are finally here! This one has been in the works for a while and I'm so happy to finally be able to say "YES!!!" to the amazing ENBY folks who have reached out.

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politics, cops 

honestly, at this point, for police resignations to actually have an effect that they expect, the cops will also need to secretly open up all the prison cells or start handing out guns to criminals or whatever

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is this supposed to get us to stop

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