oh no, a happy woman in a bikini running aroung! this is the epitome of everything i hate as a sjw! *melts*

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This GIF is your weapon against SJWs. This GIF is now your banner. It is SJW-Bane, like a cross against vampires (which SJWs are, leaches trying to suck the life out of our culture and sap our freedom). Use this GIF to drive them insane. It epitomizes everything they despise! 🤣

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oh, so the person who keeps a lot of garbage has the last name that means "garbage".

\^o^/ one of the cutest puzzle games is now also on phones

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SURPRISE! Petal Crash is now available on Android devices via the Google Play store!

This version features all the game's content - including all the puzzles, story mode, and the puzzle editor - optimized for touch in a portrait layout!

➡️ Store page: play.google.com/store/apps/det

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today, my sister came home, said her dreamcast broke, asked me for one for spare parts. hope it helps.

then, i saw that one of these dishes broke. tried finding a similar one online, no dice.

so annoying that we live in a world where some things will eventually go extinct →

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uspol joke 


i spent too long wondering "what's up with the weird top-left piece in the shield on the legend of zelda nes box?" before i realized that this is just a cut-out through which the cartridge is visible

i remember seeing the thing on the right at a toy store as a kid and being really fascinated with it

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In case you didn’t know, there is a Screwball Scramble “Level 2” and it CONNECTS TO THE FIRST ONE

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i at first thought it was just a remaster of some old cartoon, until i saw that they were in a japanese sushi restaurant

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This is classic Tom and Jerry for me. Violence at it's finest

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the google backup thingy preserved the most important part of my app settings: the level i got to in desert golfing

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