*street fighter alpha 3 zangief voice* большой победа!

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still not sure why Russians have been so offended by this cover

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this meme is really annoying. it's a good message, but you know that in this game ("streets of rage remake"), you can literally call upon a police car that will fire a bazooka at your enemies, right?

mi pali e sitelen mute kepeken sitelen pona. ona li jo e sitelen musi pi sitelen tawa, li pona tawa tomo musi sina.

this new retranslation says 2020 all over it (though judging by past retranslations and the english original, these are accurate enough translations)

oh, that's cool. the new phantasy star retranslation lets you double the experience and money you get from battles (to reduce grinding), just like the SEGA AGES version!

i don't like this app for having ads that are only removable with a monthly subscription (it should be a one-time purchase!), but this windows 3.11/95-style theme for cards is absolutely a m a z i n g

both finalists are from kanto, which means this is just the repeat of the regional finals

a dying paper company sure sounds better than a kremlin-owned research institute that does contracts for the fsb

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that would be fucking epic

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this game does: write the real score on the board

this game doesn't: light up the BSO lights

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