puyo puyo, except all the characters are just hiragana "a" in different fonts

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the united states senate has elected a new pope

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You can’t make this stuff up. The Senate apparently cuts a deal to avert a government shutdown and there is actual white smoke wafting from the Senate wing of the Capitol

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a robot that looks like a blue hedgehog and a flying variant styled after an orange fox... interesting...

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In Mega Man Revolution Remix (@MMRevoRemix@twitter.com) , instead of just straight refights, returning mini-bosses you encounter in the Fortress Stages will have new looks, attacks and/or patterns.
This video shows the mini-bosses from Haste & Saw and their Fortress Stage refights.

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first of all, a web browser reacting to the specific websites you're visiting to dissuade you seems kinda scummy, and also

"with the added trust of microsoft"? i don't know anyone who _trusts_ microsoft in any way.

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@NilsAhrDE@twitter.com yeah, as I mentioned in the article, there are different ones they show:

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that's weird, because i'm _not_ trans (yet?) and that's absolutely true for me as well

why are so many of my online friends denying their cuteness

and why are they telling me that _i'm_ cute

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It’s Wednesday.

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anarchism(?) mood 

it definitely is

actually, it's kinda amazing that y'all have communities where you can trust your neighbors like that in the first place

i feel like if this happened here, at best i'd be someone nobody cares about and at worst i'd get exiled

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This is so awesome

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The Russian Federation proposes to start substantive negotiations to achieve legal guarantees of NATO's non-expansion to the East, Putin said - TASS

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with this and the war in afghanistan, the fact that biden's still being imagined as a war hawk by some people is kinda surprising

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I didn't appreciate how Biden has all but halted the drone war, especially compared to Trump airwars.org/conflict-data

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looks like out of all the non-decentralized messengers, @signalapp@twitter.com and @telegram@twitter.com are doing the best :-)

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The FBI produced this nice chart comparing what kinds of privacy leaks the various messaging apps have. twitter.com/PropOTP/status/146

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with some clever usage of the tile map, i got my game to fit into all the limits! now i can get it released by the end of the edu-game jam (thursday)

reminds me of that thing where a group of vikings went to raid spain, stayed, converted to islam and became cheesemakers

or the recent find of a respected non-binary leader in finland

or viking era laws protecting women in an era where a lot of europe treated them like property

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it's a slightly edited pic of the ending screen for the character "bayefu" in the bootleg famicom game "fighting hero 3"

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QT your banner so everyone can see your brand twitter.com/Tr0phyWaifu/status

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