what's up with linux kernel updates being so frequent, it's rly annoying

is it that vulnerable that new patches are needed every few days?

the worst part is that after an update the old module files are deleted, meaning things like bluetooth connections are not gonna work until you reboot

@devurandom 90% are bugfixes in one of those millions of supported hardware and drivers most people have never used in their lives. But cherry-picking only security patches only is also a failing strategy since the kernel community is known to commit secret fixes without marking them as security...

@devurandom that last bit is just arch linux being arch linux, hope you have /boot mounted otherwise you can’t fix your install without a rescue disk after rebooting

@lotte i do, since i have an encrypted uefi loadout.

tho i've also noticed a similar thing with alpine linux, which uses a traditional fixed release schedule and only backports patches

@lotte @devurandom uhm… I've got arch and I haven't had that problem so far. bluetooth works just fine between updating and rebooting.

@Riedler @devurandom yeah, if you have bluetooth modules already loaded, but if you connect your headphones for the first times since booting after updating the kernel, pulseaudio can’t load the needed modules since they are just gone

@lotte @devurandom oh, I use pipewire instead of pulseaudio. Maybe it preloads the module at startup?

@Riedler @lotte possible, though this problem isn't just with audio. i personally experienced it when using bluetooth gamepads.

@devurandom @Riedler I primarily had this issue when arch linux didn’t mount /boot and i couldn’t put the kernel on the boot partition because the vfat module was missing, I don‘t use bluetooth on my pc (would be quite hard too since I don’t have a bluetooth adapter)

@devurandom if you use Arch, install the community/kernel-modules-hook package which completely solves the "modules missing after update" problem

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