"genderfluid" implies most other people's gender is a solid

given what we know about how matter changes states, it is a rather obvious conclusion that

genderfluid people are, by definition, hot


The three genders: solid, liquid, and gas.

...oh wait -- and plasma.

Damn kids.

@wmd @testoceratops @devurandom

I was thinking agender is kind of like the triple point of matter, but then it turns out these darn kids have gone and invented all kinds of new triple-points and new phrases of matter to go with 'em and...

Ya know, I totally support matter doing whatever phases it wants. Go nuts. I just don't support special treatment for it or denying the laws of physics we all learned in kindergarten...

<is cancelled on Twitter by hordes of angry chemists and physicists and other people who actually know what they're talking about; flees to the right-wingosphere to sulk about being silenced>

Disclaimer: This has been an attempt to parody certain disinformed arguments against the complexity of gender. We hope you have found it amusing.

@woozle @wmd @testoceratops @devurandom I have no idea about chemistry, but isn’t it gender-vacuum and the triple point thing merely an often coincidence?


I'd try to make a pun around this, but I must confess I'm not actually sure what you're asking ^.^

@wmd @testoceratops @devurandom

@woozle @wmd @testoceratops @devurandom not really asking, was a rhetoric question 😅

was thinking that with gender solid, genderfluid and gender gas, there also would be gender vacuum, which would be the absence of matter in genderspace


Yes, that does make sense!

..and then of course it's theorized that the social strains on the gender-continuum tend to lead to the spontaneous creation of matched pairs of gender and antigender particles, which can go on to cause all sorts of trouble, including the evaporation of singularities (which then may become plural systems)...

[looks offstage] What do you mean, my time is up?

@wmd @testoceratops @devurandom

@lilianalytic @devurandom

Quantum gender -- it remains in an indeterminate state until an observer asks for pronouns. #SchrödingersCatgirl

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