Keyboard layouts:
German QWERTZ (Microsoft)
German QWERTZ (Apple)
German QWERTZ (Hewlett Packard)
German QWERTZ (Asus)
German QWERTZ (Tuxedo)
German QWERTZ (Lenovo Thinkpad)
German QWERTZ (Lenovo Ideapad)


Just for the sake of completeness:

German QWERTZ (Lenovo Thinkpad pre 2012)
German QWERTZ (Lenovo Thinkpad post 2012)


@maytree1 @schratze so what i'm getting from that is if i move to germany, i should bring a bunch of u.s.-layout* qwerty keyboards along with me

* in my specific case they'll be russian-layout keyboards, but the english part of those is identical to the u.s. layout

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