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as someone who _is_ a tech person, this is very true and very sad. and that kind of attitude ("i don't care about privacy issues if they don't affect me") is only good if you can completely isolate yourself from the society around you, which even for well-off white people is just a pipe dream, and for marginalized or poor people is completely impossible.

facebook might not spy on me personally, but it is used by reactionary politicians and organizations to promote right-wing ideas and people that _will_ hurt me and my friends.

government espionage might not harm me because i try to be a law-abiding person, but who here seriously believes that the intelligence services and courts of the u.s., or russia, or pretty much any other country, are actually fair enough that they would treat reactionary militias and white nationalist groups as bad as they do climate activists or civil rights groups?


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basically what i'm saying is, if you _are_ well-versed in technology and you want to be a cyberpunk, don't just secure _your_ computer, secure those of people around you, and be the one whom they call when something goes wrong.

and also push political pressure onto companies and governments so they respect people's privacy in the first place

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