when was the last time social conservatives have been on the right side of history? pretty sure the last time in american history was back in the 1960s, when conservatives seemingly got it right by condemning the countercultural ideas of the time, but even then, the rise in crime was probably caused by white flight and leaded gasoline instead, and whatever "we were right" points they could claim by saying free love would lead to the aids crisis they squandered by ignoring the aids crisis because it hurt "the gays" more than it hurt them


politics (russia) 

and in russian politics, you _could_ say that the conservatives' biggest "win" is that russia is now once again able to "defend" its neighbors and brotherly nations -- from what i can understand, a lot of russian conservatives feel lots of shame because russia didn't defend milo拧evi膰 -- but even then, this requires completely ignoring the fact that milo拧evi膰 was letting his country's military genocide bosniaks

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