so navalny's movement is now declared "extremist" by the russian government. given that i signed up on their websites and supported them, i'm now probably an extremist too?

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@devurandom isn’t navalny kind of fascisty but in different ways to putin? not sure about the wider movement though and not educated enough about ruspol

@eval kinda... back in the earlier days of his career, he used to hang out with nationalists...

but that's been years ago and he's since changed his proposed policies quite a bit. the problem is, he's trying to be this sort of "big tent" politician and doesn't want to say anything that would break that tent.

to be fair, this is also true for the ruling coalition itself -- it tries to appeal to socialists (with promises of welfare) _and_ capitalists (with low taxes), to the ethnic russians (with rhetoric about the evil west and traditional values) _and_ minority groups (with recognition and protection, as long as they are loyal)... in reality, it mostly means social conservatism with a decaying welfare system and some protections for minorities, but not if you are deemed a threat (like with the jehovah's witnesses)...

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