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Uhhh why is @NintendoAmerica@twitter.com telling every Switch owner to effectively expose their consoles directly to the internet? Real excited for how fat-fingering the IP and forgetting / not being able to set UDP only can also expose anything else on folks’ home networks.

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gotta be honest, i thought "online strangers being able to hack you through open ports" was an issue that was supposed to be solved back in the early 2000s? but apparently it's not? why is information security such a mess?

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"why is information security such a mess?"

Says everyone in the InfoSec field, I'm sure.

@Nezchan the way i see it, the moment everyone should have stopped and massively reconsidered making hardware and software so complex is the moment when it became clear that developing a program to have zero vulnerabilities is no longer possible


Was it ever really possible, at least for programs that connect to the internet?

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