my answer would be a pretty simple one:

get rid harry potter, avatar, and fast & furious


Let's cause some drama today! What's everyone getting rid of?


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@devurandom are we allowed to get rid of more than three of them

@devurandom Really? I wouldn't bother getting ride of Avatar and I don't see the problem with Fast & Furious.

I'd get rid of Harry Potter (and just hope that the UK tourism industry can take the hit), the Marvel Cinematic Universe (so that we aren't all trapped under it's massive bulk and we can get more original films out) and then I guess 007 maybe?

@devurandom I would happily destroy six of these with zero hesitation

@Jo @devurandom DC (no sense of humor); 007 (lost their sense of humor); Fast & Furious (never watched them so what do I know). Well, better like to get rid of Fast and the furious for it turned from the cool movie about street racing into WWA soap opera romanticizing things a don't agree with.
I would sacrifice 007 for it adds to secret services a sort of charm they actually don't have, I consider it harmful for the society.
About the rest of them... I'm not sure, never was a fan of Star Trek, never got Indiana Jones, Star Wars are also so naive... Avatar is beautiful I wish a continuation! I guess I would pick up sacrificing Indiana Jones, I see no harm in it, but it was just out of my bubble completely

@newt oh... then probably 007?

iunno, i just haven't seen any of the f&f movies

@devurandom I'd get rid of LoTR, because come on, the Peter Jackson's trilogy was enough already. There is literally nothing to add.

LB is so easy for me. Harry Potter, Avatar, Back to the Future

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