more progress on the teams pixel art. all the neural network league teams now have logos, and most of them also have text logos as well!

it's almost finished, the only thing i need is the quebecois french translation of "crap dogs", as that's the name of the montreal team in the neural net league


after asking around on the blaseball discord server, "les chiens merdeux" seems like the best option. here's the finished image.

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As a Canadian, supporting Les Chiens Merdeux is something of an obligation, but deep down I'm rooting for those Infinite Tacos.

@Nezchan there's also an actual canadian team in blaseball called "the moist talkers" (and the neural net league's "sluggers" are from toronto).


Can't say I'm terribly familiar with Blaseball, in theory or practice.

That said, I am equally honour-bound to resist anything based in Toronto on general principle, although I'll brag about them if they win the pennant.

@Nezchan i just knew i couldn't make a text logo of a team from montréal of all places that is only in english.

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