i'm not anti-copyright, but i've yet to hear a good explanation as to why scientific research paid for with taxpayer money should be published in expensive journals, with neither the authors nor the peer reviewers getting paid for their work

If people keep pirating, they'll be forced to reduce prices and clean up their act. Kinda like what happened to the music industry.


@mesh4545 iunno, seems like "what happened" is that the largest music platforms just switched from selling music in form of audio files to letting people stream music from the internet. itunes turned into apple music, google play music turned into youtube music, and amazon music is still there, but i can't buy anything from there for some reason even though i can buy books from them.

pretty much the only option left if i still want those mp3s/oggs/flacs is bandcamp.

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I get your point. But it does impact the prices. There is rampant piracy in my country, so right now we have Spotify and other streaming services for as little as $1.50/month, if not people will just go back to pirating (I'm comparing this to the price of a single album, maybe 20 years ago?)

This at least stopped these companies from getting greedy and exploiting an average person who just wants to listen to the latest songs.

@mesh4545 @devurandom uhhhhhhhhh they exploit musicians even more than the record companies did before youtube.com/watch?v=MXudOLStaX

@be @mesh4545 @devurandom

cubic rentification. spotinface gets money from both the artist (via so called “aggregators”) and the listener. as a result the larger public (and wallstreet) think they have relevance and good will. what’s spotify anyways?

@setto @devurandom @mesh4545 I thought it was a hype machine specializing in bullshit.

@be @devurandom @mesh4545 same same but more profitable in a capitalist space. And to be honest, they aren’t that good at pushing bullshit http://bullshit.money/

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