okay, i kinda like that thing in google docs where it displays the table of contents to the left of the page. does ms office or libreoffice have something like that?

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@devurandom Try the Navigator (F11, then click on the compass icon), it can show outlines for various levels. You can also undock it or move the dock around.

@devurandom It also can do some funky stuff like following focus or dynamic level change.

@devurandom outline view

(You gotta define your own headings though, using styles. No autogenerated headings like in Gdocs.) (Headings are defined through quite handy keyboard shortcuts though like ctrl+1 for heading level 1, ctrl+2 for heading 2 etc.) In Libreoffice there's the Navigator at the sidepane showing a ToC, but also a list of tables, images etc.
And yes, you can bring it to the left.

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