is it really so hard for non-authoritarian socialists not to share memes from authoritarian socialists? >_<


like, if i saw someone unironically share a st*net*ss pic or a conservative meme and then found it came from someone with proud trump supporter stuff in bio, i'd consider that they're either a fascist, or okay with fascism.

why isn't the same standard applied against tankies?

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@raeaw theoretically doesn't sound bad, until i remember about how in weimar germany, the communists called social democracy "social fascism", and in spain, the communists accused anarchists of being on the same side as fascists.

@devurandom @raeaw also remember how the commies promptly decided to get rid of Makhno once the white army was no longer a threat or how the NKVD in Spain was hunting down anarchists while literally being on the same side, allowing fascists to completely take over.

screw left unity. no more unity with tankies.

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