i should get myself a vr kit someday... what's a good option that works on linux?

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@devurandom @mike I skipped the requirement entirely and bought an Oculus Quest. It’s a good intro that think uses an on-board version of Android, and you have the *option* to tether it to a desktop rather than that being a requirement.

The new one they just released needs a Facebook account though, which is decidedly not cool.

@trechnex @devurandom Can't speak for anyone else but I'm not touching anything Oculus branded, personally. Didn't know that was how it worked though, interesting idea, if there's a company that's not Facebook doing something similar I'm interested.

@mike @devurandom that's fair.

My experience with the first gen Oculus Quest has been positive, and with the possible exception of the PS4 VR headset it is definitely the most cost-effective intro.

Hopefully headsets from other manufacturers will start to become more accessible and come down in price over the next year or so.

@trechnex @mike @devurandom the writing was on the wall when Facebook bought Oculus.
I played with Vive and Oculus's latest pre-consumer hardware before they shipped that.

The Oculus experience was definitely better.

Even then, Oculus were doing bullcrap like locking software to their store and just generally trying to be the Apple of VR - for all that entails; some good, mostly bad.

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