so i was wondering: if has a "konnichiwa tee" with text in japanese and a "nihao tee" with chinese, what language is the "hi tee" supposed to be? it just has one han character and an exclamation point...

@devurandom without seeing the tee i imagine this can be a pun on high tea, or a genital reference, or both

@carcinopithecus all "text" t-shirts in the game basically just have a word for "hello" in one of the game's supported languages. i've so far seen efigs, russian, chinese, korean, japanese and this one (which is probably another variety of chinese or smth, iunno)

@devurandom absolutely no idea then (assuming this is in fact official stuff and not actually that double entendre that somehow slipped past nintendo radar)

@carcinopithecus found the character, it's 嗨 , apparently most common in mandarin, but also used in other dialects as well?

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