so apparently one of our departments is now being told to only use the internet for professional purposes, as all their traffic will be monitored due to the whole "virus infection" thing that happened a month ago.

Use *nix.

We have NO windows machines in our company. Only Linux and Mac. Never had any problem with viruses whatsoever.

Don't be a dumb-dumb.

Use *nix.


@drq i am using *nix. but the security folks forced _everybody_ to install an anti-virus.

i actually had to change distros because musl libc didn't run the linux version of the anti-virus they wanted.

I mean not you, your workplace as a whole. You're alright.

@drq ah, yeah, the workplace absolutely _sucks_ when it comes to security -- missing out on some of the easiest things to do while also being overly paranoid in others.

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