suggestion: 32-bit money

if you have over $4294967295, your balance overflows and you're back to zero.

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@devurandom I think we could do 16-bit actually but fantastic work on this

@porsupah i don't think it's fair to actually send people into debt though...

@devurandom this is great because it’s all meritocratic so they’ll be back to being rich in no time, right?

@devurandom I believe it was Larry Niven who suggested recycling nuclear waste into money with a list of benefits: Makes it useful again, the need for lead lined wallets/purses and lead lined gloves for handling cash would bring an end to pickpocketing, and hoarding of money would become a self-punishing activity.

@devurandom Small suggested tweak. With a 32bit int, you can't represent cents. So rather than measure in dollars, just measure in cents, capping one out at 4,294,967,296¢ or a still-very-generous $42,949,672.96

@devurandom Decaying social value tokens.

Where decay rate is based on allotment.

@devurandom great idea! I'll spend enough to go to -1, and will overflow to being a millionaire!

@devurandom Since all central banks strive for some inflation, the max amount of wealth owned by a single person then is reduced over time, which may or may not desirable depending on your political leanings. (Or the worth of money is practically reduced to zero given hyper-inflation, but that tends to be the case anyway.)

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