personal opinion on positions of power (law enforcement, politics)

committing a crime while in a position of power should always come with a harsher punishment than committing the same crime as a regular citizen.

@devurandom Also with a higher likelihood of penalties. The issue with US cops is that they are unlikely to be punished because 'back the blue'.

@devurandom the more influence you have and the more people listen to you should affect sentencing. The only example i can think of in history though was early USSR on antisemitism: normal people got a few years hard labour, Party members got significantly more. In certain high positions it netted you the death sentence.

@Pyretta @devurandom don't quote me on that but I read somewhere that China has very strict laws for civil servants who committed embezzlement on a grand scale, up to death penalty

@speedy_rainbow @Pyretta i'd say the death penalty part is wrong -- it doesn't work as a deterrent and there's no way to take it back if the person turns out to be innocent later -- but otherwise theoretically nice?

@devurandom @Pyretta yeah I agree, I don't have much pity for ppl who work for gov, but death penalty is fucked up in any case

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