One of the fun (no, not fun) cultural differences between US/Europe and Russia is that Russians don't use the word "please" nearly as much as the other guys.

One guideline on translating software into Russian I once read literally said this: "Drop the word 'please' when translating from English into Russian. It is not culturally accepted. You do not ask, you instruct".

That's why I think this idea for a sudo alias is hilarious, and I've just done it :)


@prokoudine this reminds me of an intentionally-bad programming language called "intercal".

there's a "PLEASE" keyword. if less than 20% of statements have "PLEASE" at the start, the program crashes with an error saying "PROGRAMMER IS INSUFFICIENTLY POLITE".
if more than a third have it, the error is instead "PROGRAMMER IS OVERLY POLITE".

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@devurandom some people clearly have too much spare time on their hands! :) But hey, this is good fun!

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