accidentally erased the source code to a program i was writing, now running photorec in order to recover all the text files possible.

in the worst case scenario, my boss should have a copy of the source code, but he isn't in the office yet.

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upd: boss found the older version, and with the help of the recovered files, i was able to recreate the latest version.

@piggo it's a one-person project that was always developed on a single machine.

(also, that machine was not connected to the intranet where the git server is)

@piggo the entire reason i was doing it all (and why i accidentally lost the source code) is that i was trying to switch to using another machine (the one _with_ intranet access) for that, so either way problem solved.

@devurandom Also: Get a text editor that keeps backups. BBEdit records every file you edit in ~/Documents/BBEdit Backups. Vim can be set to keep backups in $TMP or anywhere you want. Atom doesn't do this, but I save to git and do a tar.bz2 archive to DropBox pretty often.

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