@shoofle the basic idea is not that difficult -- you basically have 14 tiles and you take and discard tiles in order until you have a hand that has a pair and four combinations of three (either like a straight or like a three (or four) of the same tile).

it does get complicated with its mechanics, but this particular game (i bought it off the japanese eshop) includes nice instructions (which tbf are written in somewhat broken english and have a very literal translation) and aids you with a lot of stuff →

@shoofle ←like giving you prompts on every call you can make or whenever you get to make a winning move.

the only other issue is that you'll have to memorize what numbers each of the "character" tiles (i.e. the ones with chinese characters) are. some games add an arabic numeral in the corner for ease of use, this particular one doesn't.

@shoofle there's also a good version of mahjong as a minigame in "yakuza 0" or "yakuza kiwami", where imo the localizers tried a bit harder to explain the game for westerners.

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