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aaaaaaww... all the girls here (including/especially trans girls) are so nice and cute and awesome!!! wish i could real-life meet you and hug you and emotionally support you and become one-- oops, did i say that out loud? ^_^

if any of you are going to end capitalism, could you please tell me when exactly will this happen? i still have some things that i'd really want to do before it goes away.

i wonder what will happen if someone were to just leave me in a room with tons of clothes, makeup and a friendly experienced trans girl for a few hours.

i was wondering. i've seen quite a few posts about how that trope where in sci-fi works, people with disabilities all get some sort of bionic enhancements in order to get them rid of said disabilities is problematic or constitutes "erasure".

and, while i think i understand the issue, i'd also want to know: if such a technology were to appear in real life, would there still be objections to its usage?

woah. the entire line-up of the "mechanical brains" team references different kinds of sci-fi movies.

"heterosexual", "homosexual"... all these orientations are too complicated for me. can i just be a "cute-osexual" instead?

i swear, sometimes it feels like whenever i see a picture of anyone, no matter what they're doing (or how lewd it is), my first reaction is to look at their face and say how cute it looks.

at first i thought the "take" counter measured lost lives, turns out it grows every time the clippers touch.

would you mind if i gave some of my affection for you here?

*grabs a really wide hose, like the kind firefighters use for putting out fires*

don't worry, it's not a lot.

aww, why do pretty much all of the custom firmwares for, and methods to root, rely on supersu instead of having some open source superuser app?

for some reason, i feel really excited when i see two mutuals i like have a conversation here or on birdsite (or on other similar websites).

it's like a little cross-over of some sorts!..

i think the saddest part about conservatives and right-wingers accusing anyone in favor of welfare or public services of being "socialists" is that 90% of the progressive platform (immigration, education, welfare…) is also stuff that's good for the economy in the long term.

seems like difference between people who say that overpopulation is a real threat and those who say it isn't is like this.

the former believe that the ultimate goal is to achieve a standard of living similar to what today's americans and europeans have -- and giving that standard to 7 billion ppl _would_ wreak havoc on the environment.

the latter seem to instead aim for a lower standard, at which, given serious restructuring of societies across the world, having a sustainable 7b _could_ be possible.

just finished the first chapter of and thus unlocked the sandbox area...

seems kinda nice, even if more limited compared to smth like minecraft...

aww, i loved this game! iirc it was the first dreamcast game i ever played, back on my 7th birthday.

6utt: kaimaciel: slippykylo: reylovoid: piedude: jumpingjacktrash: onceuponamirror: memesandshipsgalore:... tmblr.co/ZbdBfc2V6qnPl

i wonder: has anyone tried to make a procedural generator for badly done mcmansions?

i imagine at some point, it would be impossible to tell the real buildings apart from the generated ones.

why is "set background=dark" not a default option in vim? do people still use black-on-white terminal emulators frequently enough?

looks like even not really being into anime can't save me fom being a weeb.

for some reason, i'm now playing "europa universalis 4"... as a japanese province trying to unify the country.

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@devurandom it was some Unix local chat program on an SDF machine that this little AT&T machine was logged into at the Living Computer Museum. It had some instructions underneath for how to log in with SSH, which I did from my phone :p

ready to embrace:
- social democracy
- progressive liberalism (the center-left kind)
okay with:
- democratic socialism
- anarcho-socialism / -communism
- some kinds of centrism (when well argued)
can tolerate:
- fiscal conservatism/free trade, as long as it's not bigoted, properly argued and willing to compromise/concede when faced with facts
- social conservatism
- "egalitarian"/"rational" libertarianism
- fascism
- totalitarianism of any kind