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if i ever make any of you feel uncomfortable with my online behavior, please just tell me to stop instead of silently blocking or muting me.

...i don't have the best social skills :-(

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mastodon is the only service i've seen where i want to fall in love with half of the people and become good friends with the other half. ^_^

the one thing i'll have to get used to is the locations of the -/+ and share/home buttons.

they're unlike those of either the joy-cons or the 8bitdo sf30pro i've been using so far.

the pro controller feels really nice. the buttons are all much larger, the d-pad is well-defined and the shoulder buttons feel good to use.

there was also another rare occurrence at that mall - an electronics store that actually has all three major consoles.

bought myself a pro controller, a cartridge copy of bayo2 and some usb charge cables, because you can never have too few of those.

you would think millions of years of human evolution would make it so that good-smelling food isn't as attractive when you're already full...

if a text-mode program sends the data so fast, the console has to slow it down to display it all, does that mean it's moving at Show more

found a place that has _three_ okay games. that's a new record!

my mutuals are cuties whom i want to meet and hug ^_^

Fahrenheit? No, Fahrenheit was the scientist, you mean Fahrenheit's /monster/.

i'm afraid the only two ways i get to find something like an "outrun" arcade machine irl by now is either by inventing a time machine, or by traveling to japan.

either way, not affordable for me :-(

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boost within 420 years to receive FREE, LIBRE, OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE under your pillow tonight!!1!

an example of 1x2 pixel ratio ("tall pixels") would be a 640x200 screen of a CGA monitor or a pc-88 in color mode.

a font reminiscent of old computer visual novels and designed for 1x2 pixel ratio.

the moment i stop validating y'all's good looks, actions or feelings is the moment when i die. (or if someone takes away my internet access.)

if i refer to the ⚽ sport as "soccer" even though i am not american and it's called "football" in my native language, does that make me chaotic evil?

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