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if i ever make any of you feel uncomfortable with my online behavior, please just tell me to stop instead of silently blocking or muting me.

...i don't have the best social skills :-(

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mastodon is the only service i've seen where i want to fall in love with half of the people and become good friends with the other half. ^_^

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windows 10 GET

also, ability to boot back into linux also GET (turns out, if windows is on partition 1, all it takes to get linux to boot is reassign the bootable partition, no mbr meddling)

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ah crap, when i downloaded the "english international" windows 10 iso, i didn't expect it to only have that weird dialect of english where "license" is spelled with a 'c' instead of an 's'.

that moment when a car ad is about a person driving from presumably moscow to kaliningrad, but all of the footage looks nothing like russia or eastern europe

12th century uint32_t


An extraordinary scientific invention from the 12th century Turkic Seljuk period.

The four double dials, each of which can be set in 16 positions, allows for a remarkable 4,294,967,296 combinations. When the right combination is entered, it releases and opens the inner box.


plans for today:

receive phone case via delivery
install windows 10
go to store to buy router
get my phone's firmware downgraded via teamviewer
reinstall windows 10

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think i found an affordable openwrt-supported wireless router that's not crap

i won't stop liking the new phone if it turns out that it can't be rooted, but i will be very disappointed :-(

i honestly have no idea how i will ever work on an os without strace

using monodevelop's assembly browser to decompile a crappy c# phone flasher app to figure out what it does (just call fastboot a bunch of times) because it doesn't work well in a virtual machine and doesn't work at all on linux because linux doesn't have a cmd.exe

come on nokia, what's up with your android upgrades disabling the ability to unlock the bootloader? >_<

bought a nokia 7.2 to replace my (kinda weak at this point) nokia 5. the impressions so far have been overwhelmingly positive. you can disable basically all of google's apps, incl. those you couldn't on the 5. the screen is very clear and the new gesture-based interface, while weird, is something i think i can get used to.

now just gotta migrate all my apps and settings and figure out a way to unlock the bootloader and root this thing.

whoever tried to replicate the look of a hollywood movie diner here did a good job, bc now i'm afraid i'm about to be either a witness or a victim of some sort of murder

apparently, it's way too underpowered for modern versions of openwrt...

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