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i wrote a crappy page about the fediverse in general and mastodon specifically:

feel free to reply here if you think i forgot to talk about something, i will be changing and updating it

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if i ever make any of you feel uncomfortable with my online behavior, please just tell me to stop instead of silently blocking or muting me.

...i don't have the best social skills :-(

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mastodon is the only service i've seen where i want to fall in love with half of the people and become good friends with the other half. ^_^

i like how my friends are super cute and lovely and i want to hug them all <3

think i wanna make an expansion that changes around the government descriptions for all the star systems...

afaik by default, type of government only determines how safe the system's space is from pirates, and could really use some reshuffling

for example, "anarchies" are least safe in the original game and "corporate states" are most safe, but in reality both of these groups are very vague and could describe very different government systems

what if some "corporate states" are actually worker's states that are just really well-run? what if some "communist" states are actually run by anarchist communes, except they agreed on a common outer space defense/foreign relations policy? and what if some "feudal" or "dictatorship" systems are just failing corporate states instead?

puzzle game emoji chart 



now i know the most important japanese sentence for me:


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almost perfect

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first perfect clear

econ, henry george 

reading "progress and poverty"...

> That is to say, labor expended in the first mode of production will get, not the whole return, but the return minus such part as is necessary to give to capital such an increase as it could have secured in the other modes of production, and capital engaged in the second and third modes will obtain, not the whole increase, but the increase minus what is sufficient to give to labor such reward as it could have secured if expended in the first mode. Thus interest springs from the power of increase which the reproductive forces of nature, and the in effect analogous capacity for exchange, give to capital. It is not an arbitrary, but a natural thing; it is not the result of a particular social organization, but of laws of the universe which underlie society. It is, therefore, just.

(the first mode is manual/industrial: only tools and labor matter. the second is things like agriculture: nature and time are necessary extra factors. the third mode is trade.)

trying out arne's 16-color palette, did a thing kinda inspired by the nes ending of "metroid"...

my position on the whole individualism/community discourse is that just because today's societies are heavily biased towards individualism (whether it's an economic and sociopolitical system where you rarely get to choose your neighbors and coworkers, or political efforts to create division between seemingly similar people) doesn't mean you have to go all the way to the other extreme (which, uh, can also be done badly).

people are different. some are introverts and like to be "lone wolves" and interact with society as little as possible. and some enjoy being part of their community.

sadly, sometimes people are forced to either shut themselves in or reveal too much, or face suspicion, because of the prejudices or bad attitudes of the world they're surrounded by.

in the best world, we would have free movement and ample opportunity for people to freely discover what kind of communities, if any, they want to be part of.

why would you make a function that takes a callback and doesn't provide any sort of "user data pointer" argument to that function? you're basically forcing programmers to use global variables...

updated my server and desktop to 3.16.

had some issues with pipewire on desktop -- had to remove the

{ path = "wireplumber" args = "" }

line from /etc/pipewire/pipewire.conf, after that it worked okay!


4日 (4th day of the month) =よっか (yokka)
8日 (8th day of the month) =ようか (yōka)

that moment when "an open-world franchise with a bunch of games all set in different parts of the same large location, plus an MMO full of microtransactions that has taken the devs' attention away from fulfilling fans' desires of actually making the sixth game" can describe both grand theft auto and the elder scrolls

my dad asked me for help with "the elder scrolls v: skyrim: special edition". apparently, there was no "exit" option in the system menu...

turns out, the menu was scrollable and had _absolutely no indication_ of that, and "exit" was the one option hidden by the scrolling.

I solved Semantle #113 in 110 guesses with 2 hints. My first guess had a similarity of 17.19. My first word in the top 1000 was at guess #11. My penultimate guess had a similarity of 50.67 (993/1000).

i think needs a setting where if you're responding to a toot, it inherits the parent's privacy setting

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