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if i ever make any of you feel uncomfortable with my online behavior, please just tell me to stop instead of silently blocking or muting me.

...i don't have the best social skills :-(

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mastodon is the only service i've seen where i want to fall in love with half of the people and become good friends with the other half. ^_^


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so, uh, when do i get to unlock pavement options? i'd like to build some paths not out of custom designs

i defeated gebel and got a short ending followed by a game over screen and a boss rush mode option. i assume it was the bad ending?

what if: quantum gender that changes its value every time someone is observed?

playing has taught me an important lesson: just because you have 16 gigabytes of ram doesn't mean you shouldn't have swap.

also, if you ignore healthcare when tons of ppl are sick, the economy _will_ hurt. some people should really learn that one as well.

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even unintentional contact with indigenous people resulted in disease, and now some people want to intentionally convert people to christianity in the middle of a pandemic, as if they either learned nothing, don't care, or actually want indigenous people to die :-(


A missionary group has purchased a helicopter with plans to contact and convert isolated indigenous groups in the remote Western Amazon.


(this is the more legal version of the previously-qr-coded doom STARGR1 design. © 2001-2020 contributors to the freedoom project)

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Freedoom is published under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license, which doesn't fit into 140 chars

is it just me or a lot of websites have become slower over the past few days?

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