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aaaaaaww... all the girls here (including/especially trans girls) are so nice and cute and awesome!!! wish i could real-life meet you and hug you and emotionally support you and become one-- oops, did i say that out loud? ^_^

aww... (also, the game crashed right after that screen)

who decided to put timing-based hazards where you can't time your movements? getting thru this is 100% chance >_<

on one hand, it's going to suck losing the u.s.' long-standing tradition of easy access to guns, with the u.s. losing one of the things that makes it different from the rest of the developed world, but on the other, people not dying from mass shootings is very well worth it.

weird. when i'm on masto, sometimes even the silliest jokes amuse me so much...

just feels like everyone here is so cool and/or adorable...

huh... i thought that the original design was influenced by the , but i didn't know that there was even more to it than that.


huh. so "a normal lost phone" is available for pre-order in the switch eshop, and it even has a description in russian... (even though the game itself isn't).

it is, however, rated 18+, probably because of the "gay propaganda" laws.

finally beat it with 807 deaths. guess now i have to unlock all the other b-sides?

so i somehow got through it. also, jumping on oshiro's head restores dash? hope that won't be used as a mechanic.

how is anyone supposed to get that crystal without an extra dash?

huh, that's weird. almost all of the "i can't believe it's not avgn" videos show up as unavailable for me.


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if i had to pick a favorite type of government like one picks an aesthetic (disregarding how rare or unlikely it is in real life), it would be some sort of social democratic european city-state.

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<< to clarify:

* i will still urge extreme caution with regard to radical movements and ideas of revolution.

* i don't necessarily believe that "all cops are bastards" or that we should "eat the rich".

* as long as the three standards are met, it doesn't matter how much capitalism is in your policies (especially since most progressive policies are _also_ good for the economy).

i believe myself to be very flexible when it comes to politics.

* let's help people who can't get food, housing, basic care, safety or education
* discrimination based on any immutable identity characteristics (race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality…) is bad
* the success of people living today should not come at the expense of the following generations (whether environmentally or economically)

if you can show me how your policies will work and follow all three, then i won't care about the details.

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i think i know what this logo references. on a 6502 cpu, the 'nop' instruction is encoded in hexadecimal as 'EA'...

aww, i miss . the last episode is more than half a year old... >_<

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