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mastodon is the only service i've seen where i want to fall in love with half of the people and become good friends with the other half. ^_^

oh, cool.

turns out, pandoc can not only convert markdown into boss-readable text formats, but also do the opposite, like "antiword" used to do.

note: if i ever respond with something like "sounds cool!" and an emoticon like "^_^" or "\^o^/", then i am legitimately interested in what you just told me and i'd love to learn more from you.

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cereal experiments grain. just boost this shit ok

if my behavior here ever makes you feel uncomfortable, please tell me, so that i'd be glad to correct it in the future! ^_^

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really needs an easier way to switch between instances. like, here's two ideas:

1a. when on desktop, the top panel provides a row of avatars at the right end, corresponding to all the accounts. clicking one switches accounts.
1b. when on mobile, the top panel has an icon with the current avatar at the right end. clicking one shows a drop-down menu with a list of accounts.

2. a down arrow icon below the avatar in the compose menu that opens a dropdown of all instances.

was taking a bath.

spent half of the time there wondering why the english title of a popular game show asks if there are people desiring to _possess_ seven-figure wealth, while the russian title instead asks if anyone desires to _obtain_ it.

spent the other half wondering if this could be phrased without literally naming the show.

my brain is a mess...

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Look, I made a thing! After I saw the awesome blog post on city street orientations, I generated some charts for European and German cities (and refactored Geoff's IPython notebook into a script on the way). If you want to see a map of your favourite city in this style, tell me about it and I'll see what I can do.


hey cuties! how are y'all doing today? ^_^

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100% true fact: enbies are cute! ^_^

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It's July 14, which is Nonbinary Peoples' Day!

Happy us, fellow enbies!!!

if you can read this, then: i like you, you're awesome, keep being awesome! ^_^

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Fediverse forecast for today, Friday 13 July 2018: cybre, with heavy discourse

i understand the idea of unionizing among workers that do manual labor.

but how would it work when it's a more-or-less artistic job, such as game development, and will it impact the content of games being developed? (e.g. will such a union be able to hinder a game being developed if folks in it dislike the message sent by its plot?)

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