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mastodon is the only service i've seen where i want to fall in love with half of the people and become good friends with the other half. ^_^

aww, seeing two users, both of whom you like, being in conflict is the worst...

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but seriously though, it would be cool to see mastodon add something similar to gnu social's !groups.

maybe even let instance admins advertise some groups to new users to build some community.

well, crap. i spent so long studying, and working with, c, only to see this...

why am i the worst at picking between different options? i always get into pop culture media when it's already past its peak popularity, i always pick the same meals at fast food restaurants, and even my political opinions are of the kind that doesn't entirely fit me into neither the gov't's supporters camp nor the opposition.

gotta be honest: i don't know how i would bear developing a web service.

at least judging by how often even well-intentioned design changes are criticized the heck out of.

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anysoftkeyboard really needs some more themes... :-(

gotta say, the parklife dlc for cities:skylines is really nice, even though i am not really into building parks in particular. it's nice that the base game now has more pedestrian roads, as well as a way to build fences and stuff.

"%mastodon_instance%: up to 7 billion users"

oh, cool, i just found out that you can use the "r" key in 's visual mode to replace every character with a specific one.

this will make editing markdown tables a lot easier! \^o^/

occasional shout-out to rationalwiki.org/, one of the few places where atheism, progressive politics and support of both hard and soft sciences coexist peacefully.

i miss lightweight word processors and spreadsheet programs.

there is _one_ thing where i kinda envy folks who do menial jobs: they have a much easier way of tracking progress.

i spent so long on one task at work and i barely see _any_ progress.
the system i'm working with keeps crashing and glitching up even on the example programs the devs provided, but to raise an issue to them, the boss wants me to clearly document everything (even if the bugs are very random).
half of my time working with it is spent rebooting the server.
i am so tired...

i really hope we never discover extraterrestrials.

if after all these years, we still can't decide on whether "illegal aliens" deserve basic rights, how long and how painful will be figuring out the same for actual aliens?

what would be the appropriate terms for societies where
(1) there is a strictly codified set of laws (which might be amendable) that people respect, even if said laws sometimes result in loopholes or immoral verdicts?
(2) instead of relying on laws, everyone has to just try their best not to do immoral actions, and justice entirely relies on public opinion?

there's a bug in a windows app: "$app sucks!"
there's a bug in a windows driver:
"$driver sucks!"

there's a bug in anything that is less than 50 meters away from a linux system:
"linux sucks!"

somehow, in "tokyo xtreme racer 2", every single racer has california license plates. (the first game also seems to use non-jp ones, but they're harder to make out)

also, the first game had a really nice eurobeat-like soundtrack and this one's seems way more boring.