I think it’s jane small nap time

can I pls lay in someone’s lap 🥺

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and I know this won’t last forever, but god dammit it feels like forever
since we’ve been together
till we’ll be together again

not serious 

my friend said “oh I don’t like wes anderson films, they’re weird” yesterday while I was hanging out with him and like I don’t think I can be friends with him anymore


let it burn
wanna let it burn
wanna let it burn
wanna wanna let it buuuuurn


fuck the little squiggly things, those are just flavorless filler

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There were only 2 rye chips in this bag :(

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I love the rye chips in chex mix I wish I could get just those, oops! all rye chips

moody jane grumblings 

janes should be allowed to fucking burn things to the ground occasionally i think

Video game difficulty 

I started playing unreal and the normal difficulty is kicking my ass

I’m not good at video games, but I’m like not bad, I’ve finished half life on hard like 6 times (because I hate myself, half life on hard is just pain and keeps me on edge even when I get off my computer)

Thinking about that one model m variant that has a trackpoint…

d-don’t worry about the cart with the drape over it, I uhhhh brought my bird with me, yeah their cage is shaped a lot like an apple lisa, just trust me, don’t look under it, my bird is sleeping

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Please let me into a computer museum, I am normal and can be trusted around the twentieth anniversary macintosh

what if you just wanted to do a movie night with your friend, but your fucking macbook kept fucking kernel panicking for no damn reason

Sometimes I think Ted Kaczynski was really onto something there when he said “the industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race”

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I’m also limited to one SODIMM because the solder joints on the other slot are just fucked

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My favorite is my thinkpad t30 that sometimes you have to apply pressure to the memory door or else it will hang during POST

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I love how since I’m not allowed to have nice things, all of my hardware has its own quirks and I have extremely cursed and janky workarounds that I just like get used to but people would totally laugh at if they saw

Jane relayed

We've been trying to reach you about your girlfriend's extended warranty.

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