Been thinking about this idea I've had for localized internet systems that run independently of internet connection and allow for organizing/sharing of info outside of surveillance:

Also since I'm not fluent with Arduino, I'm happy to see the ESP32 can now run micropython and circuitpython. It will make the baseline for this idea easier than setting up whole environments (raspi) or using something I'm not as familiar with (Arduino)

I also realized that this system could just serve up txt files of literature, keeping it small. With the esp32 being so cheap, you're essentially designing an electronic "pamphlet handler", that can serve up union literature without identifying the users.

@Spamilton that'd be outside of my skill level (I'm not a network expert, I mainly teach kids simple coding concepts), but that could be an added feature to extend the range and utility of the idea.

@Spamilton I'm glad you liked it, it's been bouncing around in my head for a while now.

@descartez Sounds similar to scuttlebutt, but I don't know enough nitty-gritty to compare

@socalledunitedstates I've only recently learned of scuttlebutt. I think this is slightly different, as it has more guerrilla placement, but they're a good thing to model off of.

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