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I made this Mii on my friend @descartez 's switch when he first got it, and it never got deleted, so he decided he had to create this monstrocity. I approve.

there's got to be a German word for definitely wants to buy some Heelys even though I'm an adult

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Made some inspired logos. Gonna cut them out of vinyl and put them on things. Possibly on a jacket or something? Trying to personalize my wardrobe with cool custom things that are nerdy but are still kinda stylish.

I just spent all day assembling 250 birdhouses with students at a local school for a citizen science project. I love my new job.

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Actually, Die Hard was originally a series of gladiator entertainments during Saturnalia.

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She brought him the usual gifts at first. A mouse, a bird. A ribbon for him to play with.

She would run up with her gift in her mouth and prrt cheerfully around it. And he would pat her head and tell her she was a good and clever cat.

Then it was a coin with strange markings. A pendant, warm to the touch. A piece of lightning-struck wood.

He never knew of the shadowy figures that followed him, but neither did he have to fear them.

She was a good and clever cat.

#Microfiction #Tootfic

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You are a vampire who slept for so long at you slept through human civilization entirely and awaken to a completely new species of sentient life, now going through there own modern era of archeology and historical appriciation.
#writingprompts #writing

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a reminder, in the wake of the Sonic reveal, that Mario Odyssey literally puts three distinctly different species of "human" in the same shot and it's still less horrifying than the mere silhouette of Swole Sonic

Just learned that the maker space I am soon to look at is not allowed to have an Instagram. Why? The city doesn't want us to. Which means we lose a valuable outreach tool, for what I assume are silly reasons.

I keep watching this over and over. I'm v excited to start working here:

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After playing Let's Go Eevee, we learned that one of my replies to "Eevee" (specifically the Japanese, voice acted "Eivoi" pronunciation) more readily than her own name 😆

I hope you all know that the theme to the new She-ra Netflix series is a BANGER.

As much as I love the idea of Mastodon, I do like the format of tumblr. It's too bad Tumblr is a dumpster fire.

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If you're joining us from Tumblr, welcome! Take a bit of time to familiarise yourself with the CW feature and adding annotations to your images, be sure to lurk for a bit to pick up examples if you're unsure, or ask other users if you feel they'd be receptive to that (I'm one of them! Feel free!). The fediverse is so amazing and vibrant and you'll love it here if you're not a shithead <3

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Actually, maybe I SHOULD leave Tumblr immediately.
I'm undecided. What is best:
1) Defying the rules until they kick me out
2) Walking away now in solidarity with all the others who stand to lose out from the purge?

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