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@mirzaba Hi Stabatha! I don't think you had your BA officially when I was on last..

In related news, how do I redownload the app?

Itsa me imma back! I got a new phone and didn't get around to putting any social media on it... Aka this.

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yes hello, I recently purchased some adapters from you and they aren't working, can I speak to a technician

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Pitch: self-driving cars but they're on rails and carry hundreds of people and have an operator and they're called "trains" instead.

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Poop post 

So, like, pooping is one of my least favorite activities already. Add antibiotics into the mix and it's like Lacrimosa and O Fortuna are playing at the same time, buy they are poorly sampled together, and Skrillex is putting a really bad beat over it.

Friendship (++) 

On a happier not though, I do have some friends who truly love me and care about me. I need to always try to keep that in mind.

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tired: capitalism
wired: catapultism

mh (---------) 

I have not felt this low in a long time. I just don't understand how someone can say they love you more than anything then treat you like trash. So much time and effort wasted. My life feels like a string of those instances though. Doing my best but not being good enough. I feel worthless.


So, I am feeling super depressed today for some reason. I think it is because this vertigo thing has been acting up the last few days... The thing which lost me my job. And neurologists are hard to see so I don't get to see one until December, unless I call every morning at 8am and see if there are cancellations.


I need to see if I can make a script that can just automatically florp your posts... And somehow send what you wrote to my brain.

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All I got from years of speculative futurism was a weird homebrew multiverse machine-god religion, an immense loathing for bitcoin and Friendly AI, and an incredible fury at the fact that I can’t transform into a rubberized fox-dragon until the distant future

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Is there a term for UX but related to safety? I kind of like SX (safety experience) but…?

I've learned in my short time in the fediverse that it is better than chirper and fb for multiple reasons. The biggest reason, which was also the most surprising, was that actual civil discussion is possible on this platform.

Thanks for providing these counterpoints, it has definitely changed how I think about this topic. I've lost a lot of my fervor concerning anarcho-socialism over the last year or so. I'll have to set some time aside to resume my reading on the subject. When I was in grad school my Master's paper was going to be on the German Anarchist and socialist tradition, but I quit the program because it made me miserable.

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Ah yes, the four genders:
Male, Female, Gamer, and Under $30

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debugging my project gutenberg scraper unintentionally produced an emphatic rallying cry

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