ALSO! Can anyone plz tell me how to download the android client? @chr ? Plz

@derReineke any mastodon app will work with, there's no client just for this instance. i use tusky but there's others, like subway tooter or fedilab. you can also visit it in chrome or firefox and pin it to your home screen to use the web client as an "app"


I swear that when I first signed up my phone downloaded a "" app with an icon and everything. Maybe it's a form of one of the mastodon apps?

@derReineke if you use chrome or firefox to save the web page to your home screen (so called PWA mode) , we have a custom icon set. maybe that happened automagically somehow?


Also! What do you run this instance on? Are you using a VPS like DigitalOcean?

I ask because I am having a heck of a time getting a personal instance going.

@derReineke yeah we are using a 4 core hetzner cloud server and digitalocean spaces for media

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