Escaping the US seems like a pipe-dream at this point. You get a degree in the study of a country basically and they don't even have the decency to take you in. Although, if I remember correctly because my not-so-far-back family is from Germany it would slice about 2 years off of the citizenship process. I think knowing German also slices about 2 years off, so I am off to a good start. Any German Bureaucrats of Immigration on here, hit me up.

Does Mastodon have markdown support? I tried to super-text, or whatever to the power of thingies are called, and it did not work.

I just was introduced to Scaleway, which is a French Cloud company, and decided just to peek at the jobs available. First of all the perks include onsite Chef and Bedroom. From what I am gathering just from the few things I have seen, they actually have what is basically a dormitory in Paris right now. My assumption would be because of Covid, and that is a very interesting idea actually.

Also I was looking at the positions available just for fun, and it's like someone interviewed me about my interests and made positions. Go, Python, Kubernetes, other Dev Ops goodness, English(Lol I don't speak French, just English and Germans). If anyone works there that is on here hit me up. I think I would love working there, and I really really want to escape the US. Like, I can feel my life-expectancy dropping by the day.

Daniel Kahn and the Painted Birds are really keeping me going.

I keep bumping into Christine Dodrill's work lately. I discovered her blog and read the heck out of most of that. I just saw a post by her on lobsters, I just saw another link to her blog on another blog that's in the merveilles webring. I swear to all that is holy if she is here too I'll poop myself.

It's very interesting seeing whose work I wind up passing near. I would say orbit but that's too permanent. All these amazing, inspiring people that I've never talked to and may never get to meet. A lot of personalities in the security community, Rust, Go, Python communities. It's wild man. If any of you see this, thank you so much for being there to help me on my journey. You may not know you were but you were and I'm eternally grateful to you.

ALSO! Can anyone plz tell me how to download the android client? @chr ? Plz

Dear @tomasteck :heart_cybre:
I found one of the tools you mentioned: Hardly-Everything, but where can I find Eveything? I wanted to take a look at both of them.

:heart_cybre: Reineke

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We love our good friend Robot Bulbasaur, otherwise known as HEXA, which helps keep your plants alive by chasing the sunlight.

I wonder if you could make this out of recycled parts...
#solarpunk #robotics #robot #plants

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I made a little thing on Glitch for making blackout poetry, so you can be emo on the internet faster and more efficiently

I've decided to stay away from the federated tab. There was a docker bot. :blobnervous:

Good thing I came back when I did. My radicalization was starting to wear off.

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cops be like "oh man i got promoted to a desk job and make twice as much...but I don't get to go out and physically oppress and brutalize people anymore so it's like I got fired"

Seriously though gais. How do I redownload the Android app?

Like, my brain feels like it's on one side of my head and I feel like I'm on the other. Of course I may have a neurological issue so...

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Yeah sure contemplating the truly important questions about life and universe is great, but have you considered thinking about how Absurd everything is?

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Also! I noticed that there is a boat themed decentralized social network and also this elephant one here. You know what we don't have though? A choo-choo themed one. I think I've found my true calling in life.

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