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fyi, i'm blocking without an warning for defending ableism. 🚮

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Today is my birthday! And I need to get more groceries, some new shoes, and lastly I'll be taking my driving test (finally) within the next month and its going to be $36. Any and everything is appreciated!$melaninpony

Also my wishlist(s) is here too:
Amazon Wishlist:
Crochet Wishlist:


Please CW your posts fediverse, I've seen so many recently that need to be CW'd but weren't. These posts can be genuinely triggering, upsetting, angering or a reminder of horrible, difficult times or their current life and having at least sympathy for that isn't too difficult or if you don't at least try to understand. The CWs are there, please use them.

Systems who #LeftTwitter: Plural Café ( is an instance where collectives of all stripes can express themselves and get to know each other.

Please note that we don’t criticize origins or question legitimacy. Endogenic, traumagenic, quoi-genic, mixed-origin, median, diagnosed, self-diagnosed, and questioning multiples are welcome. 😊☕️

#DID #multiplicity #plural #plurality #multiple #OSDD

olso olso, it is ok to struggle and feel bad, step by step ✨💪✨

Don't feel bad or ashamed if you spend your week-end sleeping, resting.

It's *it's purpose*.

And in itself, resting is **not** doing nothing.

It's taking care of yourself, and allowing to gather back some energy. Some time to yourself.

Resting *is* doing something, for you. And it's a good thing to do sometimes.

Just like... can someone recommend me a sweet, fluffy, lesbian anime that is not male-gaze-y (And on another note, that doesn't try and sexualize underage characters)?

Cis Men Stop Saying "Oh, I Call Everyone Dude" Challenge 2019

Some pride flags I tried to make from scans of biology tissues
:ablobpride1: :ablobpride2:

In order, Bisexual, Trans, Non-binary and Intersex

Affirmations for anxiety Show more

i think that i do a good job at being a kitten. so i am a good kitten :blobmiou:

Shout out the Catholic Workers in northern Minnesota who completely shut down Enbridge's Line 3 + 4 pipelines this morning by simply turning their valves off

Follow @4necessity for updates and video from the action

Yoooo CW ur emoji spam pls.

Imagine ur computer reading "fire" a hundred times at you. It's fucking annoying.

empfehlungen für trans-friendly therapeut*innen in berlin? (außer bast...)

boost wär nett :)

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