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fyi, i'm blocking without an warning for defending ableism. 🚮

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Things that are EXTREMELY my shit: this adorable form

true story: my wife-to-be gave me this form to finish filling out, long before we started dating. I still have it in a drawer somewhere.

Normalize piecemeal relationship building!!

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The gender of the day is a suspicious nebula.

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institutional trans violence (abstractly), racism 

trans day of white trans folx being aware that those scary murder statistics are almost universally about Black trans ppl

trans day of white trans people donating money to Black-led orgs

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The gender today is the smell of burning and five a.m. just before it starts to rain.

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These are the domains from which some users follow
If you haven't defed from most of them already, you are doing a bad job.

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The gender of the day is a sophisticated t-shirt covered in pins.

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The gender of the day is a dirty flannel shirt covered in rainbows.

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Today's gender is a microscopic dangerous guinea pig.

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Today's gender is tiredness and the sound of fog horns.

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Nonbinary people do not have to bow to any rules made by cis or binary trans people regarding gender.

They know nothing about what it means to be nonbinary, and there is no obligation to make yourself predictable and understandable to them.

They don't get to say who we are.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #genderbinary #cis #trans ..

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Free new gender for you: gendersmol

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The gender of the day is an embarrassed lich on a twisty slide.

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unsere regierungen haben mal wieder menschen "vergessen", die nicht mal eben ein paar euro über haben.

ich mache mal den anfang und verschicke 20 ffp2-masken. dm sind offen, sag wie viele du brauchst.

andersrum: machst du mit und verschickst auch masken? bitte. danke!

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friendly reminder that:

- you do not need to think someone is the scum of the earth to block them or mute them
- being blocked or muted does not mean you are a bad person in any way shape or form
- you have a right to surround yourself with people you enjoy, indeed, you have a right to happiness
- people liking you doesn't mean you are a good person
- you liking something or someone doesn't mean that that thing is good

it is a misconception I think a lot of people hold, and it's not truth.


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instance block recommendation

- instance "implemented to help preserve freedom of speech in the United States of America" :freezePeach:

- admin is called MakeAmericaFreeAgain

- admin boosts advocacy for racial segregation

- replyguy popped at me unsolicited to defend the white supremacist uprising in the U.S.


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block recommendation 

If you haven’t already, you should block The admin just sent harassing messages to people in my mentions, as well as using the n-word and browsing the instance’s public timeline I saw un-CWed lewd pictures and swastika emoji.


Ask your admin to block it for you.

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