@vantablack never talked but so so so so so so so so so so so happy for them rn omg :blobsob:

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me when people are mean to my friends:
🗡️ :blobcat:
🗡️ :blobcatreach:

hello stomach cramps, are we past the new moon already

Im sorry idk who needs to hear this but FoodLover69 is right YET AGAIN. The FrenchFryKid doesnt even apologise in his SHAM apology video. Mayor McCheese deserves more than being called a "soyboy cuck". Where were the McMods huh

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Gonna be taking a mental health break from the forums for a while. frenchfrykid has been so progblematic and never even said sorry for calling Mayor Mcheese a soyboy and a cuck in his """apology video""" and yet FilletOFred gets banned for making one dumb joke. Honestly this forum has just become and echo chamber and abusive and the McMods silence on all this speaks volumes tbh

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CW Depression 

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the weinkls in my brain directly correspond to how deep my thought is

professor david computer, we need you more than ever.

the success of that led the professor to stage his worldwide "megabyte be free" tour in 1985

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suckers to the side i know you hate,
you're gonna get yours!

computerputer's famous exhortation promising computer enthusiasts that prices of the new 8088 processor would soon be affordable

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