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Someone on Twitter, with a straight face, literally just asked me why I didn't bother using a dedicated DAC chip for driving the VGA display.

"They're dirt cheap," he said. Quote-unquote.

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong location, but a high-speed DAC chip averages about $5. A resistor averages about $0.005.

The only time a DAC chip starts to make sense is when the PCB surface area used to *place* the resistors is large enough to cost more than the chips themselves.

I just can't even...

@vertigo 8K VDC-II when? (not 8K VRAM :p)

@ddipaola Let me get it working at 🤔 . o O ( ... doing the math ... ) 0.6K, and we'll see how to expand its capabilities from there. ;)

(It ought to be possible to support; BUT, you'll need a different register set to support wider character counters/sizes.)

@ddipaola I think, by then, I'll call it at least VDC-III or some such. :)

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