how many plastic models of carboniferous organisms contain material that was originally part of the organism that the model depicts? it has to be some non-zero number right

this toot brought to you by being in a weird museum thing probably sponsored by the fossil fuel industry, e.g.

@aparrish pretty much amounts to "we use fossil fuels for lots of things right now, so why change that?" 😂

Gourd Forbid we try to remedy our reliance on non-renewable, polluting, energy and material sources. even if it's not as easy as stopping oil usage all at once

@ddipaola there was a really disgusting video playing on a loop that glorified coal mining and made it seem macho and i wanted to unplug it from the wall


@aparrish yeah.

(FTR, to summarize my accidentally deleted toot: the more people we can keep out the mines, the better)

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