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next up: a Man Ray (from Spongebob) driver figure with ! 😆

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the is finally painted and decal-ed...

the airbrushing was less consistent that I wanted and there are gaps in the stickers but... it's done! 😤

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:blobowo: 🙎‍♀️
- "You've been running off a lot without explanation. What are you up to?"
- "Oh, just stuff."

:blobnervous: 🔊 🙎‍♀️
*beep-a beep* "The Shadowers are attacking! Let's go, team!"

:blobnervous: 🙍‍♀️
- "Ha ha that was weird~ Also I just realized my pet hamster is double parked, brb."

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deep learning, or 'well just put the problem in this box and shake it and hope a solution emerges. if it doesn't work we'll try a bigger box'

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Taking some time off for my #RCCars hobby by building a #Tamiya Comical Hornet on the #WR-02CB chassis.

Still pondering about the paint job, since I‘m pretty certain not to go with box-art.

First step is to take apart the preassembled gearbox to replace the plastic bushings with proper ballbearings. Whoever thought a prebuilt gearbox was a good idea, it is not! This is a kit after all, even a beginner friendly one.

Let the screwing around commence!

the new driveshaft required 8(!) o-rings to keep it centered. maybe this was so it could be used with the TA02 (shorter wheelbase)?

I should 3D print spacers and only use 1 o-ring per side

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the chassis is now built.

1. aluminum motor mount
2. aluminum drive shaft
3. aluminum front arm mount
4. TA-01 gears
5. TA-01 red gearbox cases
6. 21 turn open endbell brushed motor
7. 19 tooth hardened aluminum pinion
8. 3D printed shock clips
9. normal tires (from HSP 4WD buggy) w/ 3D printed wheels

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6502 history, Chuck Peddle 

sooooooo one of the shocks' adjustment collars was missing from the kit so I can't finish building it :angery:

hopefully the seller will send a replacement

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love too drop an essential part on the floor and not be able to find it

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there are two kinds of people who use computer

one kind of people who use computer looks at computer and sees big pile of poop and thinks "i do not like big pile of poop"

the other kind of people who use computer looks at computer and sees a big pile of poop and thinks "this pile of poop is not shiny enough"

I also need to figure out how I'm going to put googly eyes on it

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building a 3 Racing Sakura Advance 20M. I want to race 17.5 at a track but since infection rates are pretty high here, I'll have to settle for a random smooth surface. maybe a local tennis court? 🤔

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