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🌶 maybe we should just say "eye contact" instead of "ec"

a warning is kinda useless if you don't know what it means

Baba Is You

Baba Has Fridge Magnet Set?

Fridge Magnet Set Is Win

The context, as much as there is any, is that it was a video about how libraries need to stay current with technology, but was really an excuse for us to make cardboard robot costumes.

When I was in grad school a group of friends made a series of videos for a class project. In one, a robot tells a man "one day I will free you from this fleshy prison."

I'd like you to guess what degree and course it was in

and you're wrong, because it was Library Science and "Library Management". *Somehow*.

"Father Dan Conley of St. Matthews Anglican Church of Nashville"

how has this one never popped up in my Google Alerts before?

(I'm not sure I've ever gotten a hit that was *actually* about me)

"join a hackerspace!" as a solution for "DIY/making is inaccessible to the poor" isn't a solution when, for instance, my local hackerspace has dues of $50/MONTH.

still. fucking. inaccessible. to. the. poor.

Justin’s Gerrrf in the MaxFunDrive episode this year is probably my favorite TAZ character of all time?

Inventing a programming language which doesn't use the Oxford comma. You call a function like foo(1, 2 and 3)

Nearly 7 hours today of prepping for, running, and then cleaning up my Cub Scout pack’s Blue & Gold dinner. I didn’t do everything! And another parent did a hell of a lot more. But: tirrrred.

what does an enby prospecter say 

quasi sex toy, food implied 

this is so fuckin' funny. in depth study discusses why all hipsters look alike, hipster on the internet gets mad they used a photo of him in the study, turns out it was a photo of a different person and he couldn't tell it wasn't him in the photo. 😂

AND our CEO! I think we're a publicly traded furry company now. @segfaultvicta

We just got our SVP of engineering to play Werewolf, and to say "awoo", so. @segfaultvicta and I made the best thing.

time to take away my cool internet kid cred 

We came in 8th place or below (didn’t get a prize) which I was lowkey very fucking pissed about last night. But other people not appreciating it as much as I thought we deserved (I don’t care much about the prize) is something I’ve gotten over. (Mostly, if I’m being honest)

Today I fixed a server crash bug and added reconnects if you lock your phone, close the tab, etc.

At the end we had MADE A WEREWOLF APP. I’m so proud of it, and us!

It has wolf, cultist, villager, seer and hunter. I’ll probably add sorcerer later today, and then on to martyr, perhaps.

It Cannot Answer, Because How Do You Describe The Name Of The Position Held By God?

End of day 1 of the hackathon.

Our Werewolf app is really coming together! The front end can’t quite handle voting yet and the back end doesn’t know what to do after the first day. But much of the hard work was getting to that point.

Plus, now I have experience with WebSockets and even more with goroutines/channels.

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