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low effort programming "joke" 

smoketest if you got em

Just got invited to a zoom hang for a livestream watch and I don’t think I’m going to go (because I’m watching with my wife and the two of us + zoom seems weird?) but I got SO excited.

I could do something? With PEOPLE. I got invited! To a GATHERING!! Can you IMAGINE. Doing things with people. Oh! What a world that’d be.


"There are almost no shared experiences in this hell year. ... [they highlight] the profound ways in which our experiences are not relatable to one another." - Griefbacon

I think this really resonates with me. All things considered I'm doing really well with *handwave*, but I'm also REALLY NOT HA HA HA 😅 . And a lot of the ways in which I'm not actually have nothing to do with COVID, to the point where I wonder if it's just a coincidence that I can hitch my sense of overwhelmed misery to the global zeitgeist and say "yes, this is the same thing!"

30 years ago today, Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau published their formal proposal for the World Wide Web.

This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

in which I make TDH's Act II a triple LP 

A: Death/Procession/LATR (The Boy leaves his home)
B: Oracles/Church (The Boy travels to The City)
C: Bitter Suite I&II, III (he meets Ms Leading)
D: Smiling Swine/Evicted/Where the Road Parts (in which The Boy is smitten)
E: Red Hands/Where the Road Parts/Dear Ms Leading (in which The Boy becomes a jealous asshole)
F: Black Sandy Beaches/Vital Vessels Vindicate/Camera* (denouement)

* 😈

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Splitting "Oracles on the Delphi Express" and "The Church and The Dime" onto different sides is the only downside to The Dear Hunter's Act II on vinyl.

There isn't really a better option, though, except to put those two on their own side, since "The Death and the Berth"/"The Procession"/"The Lake and the River" all flow together perfectly too. It just happens that Oracles building into Church's opening is my favorite part of the album.

I don't wannaaaaaaa write unit tests

what jagoff started failing builds for less than 100% coverage?

oh. right. yes. me.

great nonbinary looks for the winter

- layers are your friend. consider a layer of scales, then a layer of fluff
- jewel tones work great for cold days. have you polished your hoard recently?
- options, options, options. will you take the giant arachnid familiar or the fleshy-legged snakehog? either way you'll love accessorising for these funky lil lads

uspol gapol 

If you find yourself grateful for GA voters this election cycle, remember: You're grateful for the mobilization of black and brown voters by dedicated black and brown activists. Because I guarantee you us white folks aren't doing most of the lifting here.

its bandcamp friday!! neat!!!

if you know any sick independent musicians and you have a few pennies to spare, today is the best day to buy music on bandcamp so artists get 100% of the proceeds

if youre a musician or if you have some recs, drop a link 👀

if you like powderpaint maybe grab our EP if you havent already 👉👈

uspol, a racist being hilariously confused by reality, birdsite link 

there is nothing more countercultural this year than hope and caring and mutual support, and nothing more mainstream than edgy doomsaying and competitive cynicism

this winter is a golden opportunity to be punk *as fuck*

uspol adjacent but not actually about that, - 

we've reached the point where people react to anything I say in the political channel of a discord is responded to like it's childishly incorrect or childishly obvious so I guess I'll check out for a while

How about some slow footage of a beautiful jellyfish to take the edge off the anxiety?

ddd shitpost 

bounded contexts are a social construct

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