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ddd shitpost 

bounded contexts are a social construct

generic pol / computers shitpost 

(to be clear I think this is a silly reductionist techbro idea. but I'm in a DDD workshop this week and apparently am coping with *wave* all of this by coming up with bad toots)

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generic pol / computers shitpost 

nominations are as simple as putting a post it with the candidate's name on the wall. voting is done via putting a dot on their post it with a sharpie. every four years we have a retrospective.

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Democracy Driven Design

how i've freed my mind from uspol for today

we won't even BEGIN to have results until 6 pm America/New_York! I don't need to check websites to see what the results are!

I'm freeeeeeeee

uspol, generic voting 

why am I arguing about voter id laws in work slack

I have unit tests to write

uspol self deprecating joke 

Modified CNN headline: Despite officials' warnings it'll take days to finish counting ballots, Dan continues to check our website at 8 am to see if we’ve announced any results

idea for your tv show. free idea if youre a TV director: in the middle of the action, you could go like "meanwhile... on the moon" and then have 90-240 seconds of shots of the surface of the moon, various craters, earthrise maybe, and then cut back

honestly I've finally started being able to have Opinions again and it's really nice. I enjoy knowing enough to be able to say "I think X" and not have to worry that it's a silly idea

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are you an Impostor Syndrome Wolf or a Dunning Kruger Wolf

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inside me are two wolves

one is extremely deferential and will leave all talking to the rest of the group

the other is Type A as fuck and will dominate group projects

Fun with teleconferencing vol 4: Is That Smoke Detector Beeping In My House Or Someone Else's

When I was a kid I thought a "space heater" was "space age technology that emits heat", not "something that heats a space". I envisioned a floating orb.

event storming is just Microscope (the rpg) for domain driven design nerds

The US national election will soon be underway and a lot of people are feeling very stressed and upset about it.

PLEASE use the #uspol content warning on posts about the election, and any other relevant content warnings to posts venting about current events. Mastodon is some folks last online refuge to escape the constant barrage of bad and terrifying news, so let's respect our friends and neighbors by using the Content Warnings so others can choose to engage with us if they want to 💖

cw request 

As we get into the holiday and New Years resolution seasons, there will be tons of social pressures to adopt diet and exercise routines (which are 95% likely to fail in the long-term). I imagine this will get worse as people continue to joke about the “quarantine fifteen” or whatever. There were tons of anti-fat sentiments when quarantine first started, and I’ve been dreading New Years resolution season more than ever because I’m sure covid is going to make it even worse.

Please please please CW your exercising, dieting, and weight loss efforts posts. Even if you think your post is neutral, it isn’t.


Everyone who has a body you dread looking like, and everyone recovering from eating disorders.

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