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“With dog all things are pawssible”

is this anything

whenever you see those images that are like "this mad scientist turned me into a horrifying sex crazed abomination of a beast" please spare a thought for the control group who are sitting at home, desperately waiting for the changes to start as they take their sugar pills I've been loving these Russian beats/DJ sets you've been posting today. Thank you!

Prince Humperdink using the same seed on multiple RNG calls:

"Perhaps you will not find her so random now"

jesus christ this one is Yub Nub x Nookie

(I know I'm late to the party)

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Neil Cicierega is Girl Talk but Chaotic Neutral

@darius Obsidian just added block level references

(I found out about Obsidian when you mentioned it while looking for other options so I thought you might want to know!)

uspol subtoot, nobody here except tangentially 

"both sides are bad"
"but saying that ignores the scope of how bad, which disproportionately helps one side"
"I agree. but we have to say that both sides are bad."
"you just agreed and then walked it back"
"no I didn't"

like three of us tried to get him to address his enlightened liberal centrism bullshit and the fucking mental gymnastics he had to go through

until we all gave up and I guess decided to have a feelgood bash-the-electoral-college party or something

Just noticed @tootapp’s custom emoji button is called “emojo” and damn I love this app

health (physical/mental, mild negative), weight 

Got a comprehensive blood/health panel back and it’s mostly normal except for the expected things (did u know: im fat!! and vitamin d deficient). My cholesterol is slightly worse.

But the thought of DOING anything about this has given me a mild panic spiral. Just fucking living day to day (and taking care of two kids and a wife with chronic health issues) takes as much or more energy than I have.

I’m not putting pressure on myself to start exercising but even thinking maybe I should makes me address how overwhelming *arm waves* all of this is

“Hey why do you look so wistful?”

“Just finished a story about satellites watching people play college football”

"I reverse engineered McDonald's internal ordering API and I'm currently placing an order for a McSundae every minute at every McDonald's location in the US to figure out which ones have a broken ice cream machine."


luckily it appears typing `cd ..<enter>make` on the home timeline doesn't interact with anything

dream, lost friends 

My dreams last night contained at LEAST references to

- a friend I don't keep in touch with well now
- a friend I've cut off contact with
- someone I asked out in 8th grade

the fuck, brain?

"I'll put this here so I don't lose it"

- me about to lose something

work (+) 

After nearly six months of work basically building a distributed system from scratch, this week's team demo was finally my coworker and I showing off a functioning end to end example!

There was a real "to make an apple pie, first you must create the universe" thing going on where we were making progress every week but beyond looking at logs or something you couldn't tell.

We should be actually being used in prod in like a week, once we test the everloving crap out of it.

I guess kinda (-) 

Also when you get down to it I kinda don't feel young enough or trans enough to really "fit in" here? Which isn't even a *thing*, I know, but I still feel uncomfortable inserting myself into a community.

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