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Spelunky 2 (quasi spoilers) 

uspol, COVID, stolen joke 

I keep wanting to look up stuff about Spelunky 2, but I’m forcing myself to discover at my own pace. Which leads to

a) great moments of “WHAT IS THAT??”, and

b) thinking “hey, I bet I can do X”, trying it and being right!

In reality, Hacktoberfest is a corporate-sponsored distributed denial of service attack against the open source maintainer community.

sex where it ought'n't be 

Your regular reminder, as we head into US politics season once again, that CWs are good and anxiety isn’t praxis.

meta mh? on venting to others 

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meta mh? on venting to others 

This is a love letter to Sertraline, because not only did I make a phone call but I dialed the wrong number at first and didn't have any anxiety spike!

What a world.

the sexual preference of solid 90% of the people on here is just 'goblin' with varying levels of self-awareness about it

It’s not a proper reboot unless it’s gayer than the original.

As someone from Buffalo who grew up with the jingle/etc, the fact that these two are nationally known now boggles my mind.

There are some choice quotes there, like Barnes saying he was drawn to enlisting/fighting in war "like women are to childbirth" and Cellino being consumed by hatred of another local lawyer to an extent that I assume is homoerotic.

It's bi day of Visibility so all us bi people have to pop out and make the Korok "Yahaha! You found me!" noise

whoops just did the "your joke but worse" thing, into toot jail for me

the hot new software design pattern everyone is using 

Bad news: apparently the stuff I'm working on needs to be in prod by Monday

Good news: we're almost done and also stuff I've been working on for months will be used!

Even better news: Spelunky 2 comes out Tuesday so it will be almost like a celebration!

A script that corrects the word "maker" into "guy who does arts and crafts"

"Maker space" = craft room

"Maker ethos" = enthusiasm for arts and crafts

"Maker fair" = craft expo

None of this shit is revolutionary, it's just stuff that your grandmas have always done. You are the newcomer. It's not any less arts-and-crafts just because it involves a 3D printer now.

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