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absolutely my last handwashing lyric poster today 

What do people use for VPS hosting? I'd like to be able to spin up docker containers/etc at will and host various fediverse stuff (not Mastodon; I'm happy here)

devil MAY* cry

* The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED", "MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.

I just remembered the mnemonic device for PEMDAS but it took me significantly longer to remember what PEMDAS meant

That moment when your web browser finally tells you it’s a teapot like you want

uspol but also very bad 

Hey MewTwo I don’t know who John Galt is, why do you keep asking

By this point I had hoped to have a cool new fediverse thing for people to sign up for/install, but it’s still a bit out. Soon. Soon you’ll be able to say you read a book and have it federate to mastodon!

It seems new people are joining mastodon! Hi! Mostly on furry instances from the looks of it so they won’t see this, but I’m in favor of new people in general, so I’m happy.

The fun part about doing a hackathon where we create a fediverse app is that there is a nonzero (and perhaps quite high) chance I will pull up Mastodon to show how it federates with other software and will broadcast on the zoom someone saying "cw horny"

(this is technically a subtoot I guess but not in a bad way, it's just making me laugh)

Making a social network is hard!

Hopefully it comes together tomorrow. I think the front end (which I’ve had nothing to do with) is going to be pretty nice, and a few more models should give me the data I need to federate. Auth and signing already works!

If you are a developer, know #golang, and have been wanting to make a #FLOSS #ActivityPub application for the betterment of the #Fediverse, please consider go-fed.

I will happily consult with you for free (gratis) to help you determine if go-fed is even the right choice for your needs, and would like to help ensure you feel you're on a good path.

I'd like to see more ActivityPub apps out there!

If you're not a developer, or don't know golang, and would like to, check out

@cj I’m planning on using go fed for a hackathon project on Thursday. I haven’t looked at it in forever, but I’ll be able to generate code and do all the fun stuff right?

implied kink 

will never not be funny that the plot of Atlas Shrugged is, more or less, "what if rich people went on strike"

i hate to be a grammar snob, but it should actually be "Fewer Miserables"

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