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S3: to complete a multipart upload, POST to this endpoint

me: *POSTs to that endpoint*

S3: this endpoint doesn't accept POSTs

I've been reading This Is How You Lose the Time War, by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone. It's 50% correspondence, between rival time traveling agents, and 50% vignettes as they discover the letter that's been left for them.

It's wonderful, and beautiful. I know nothing that I said above would lead you to believe that, but it is. It's the most romantic prose I've ever read.

And I've wanted to say more but don't know how? It's definitely stirred up Feelings.

Update: I was missing something. This uploads $payload:

my $response = $ua->put($url, %$headers, Content => $payload );

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accessibility UI/web design reminder 

having a good imagination is so important, even on a personal level. you can't see a way out if you can't imagine what it might be like, some horizon for your heart to fix on.

and this is something you can build! stories and experiences and travel and music and art; each of these make the inside of your head a bigger and bigger place that in the end, is yours to both attune to and direct.

belief without imagination is a surefire recipe for a nosedive.

This was linked in a chat I'm in; I don't know anything about it other than it's a fun puzzle game.

(I was stuck on the second one for a while because I didn't understand the interface: choose squares with left click, submit with right click)

I had somehow made it to nearly the end of 2019 before I heard a Canadian talk about CSS's "zed index"

Does LWP::UserAgent really have no way of POSTing binary data beyond pretending it's a form and using Content-Type: form-data?


come on perl. I have to be missing something.

Tired: immortal, neither living nor dead, beyond the concept of mortality

Wired: non-die-nary


Merriam-Webster has a feature that shows what words were first attested in any given year.

I am as old as 3D printing, augmented reality, HTTP, HTML, VOIP, nanotubes, PDA (the technology), PDF, autocomplete...

AND polyamory, top surgery, and transphobia. The 90s were an interesting time.

mh -ish 

You don't need fancy pens or notebooks to keep a journal and it might help to put your thoughts down somewhere.

“Activists and tech critics sometimes use the word complicit when talking about companies that look the other way when their inventions are causing harm. Assistive might be more accurate. Providing database and web services—even just email—to a cruel immigration regime assists in the cruelty.”

You haven't seen TRUE horror until you've looked into an engineer's coffee mug

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