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I'm sorry to everyone who has to be exposed to my perl shitposts now.

At least you aren't me, who has to actually deal with perl.

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Perl: local *DateTime::now = sub { }

Perl: That’s who I am. The Time Lord Victorious.

"This is valid but useless."

Go contracts proposal, how you gonna diss my sexuality like that

(the answer is "because you are better at programming than those creators, Dan, obviously!" /s)

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Why do so many Discord bot creators use "!command" syntax instead of "@botname command", which is guaranteed to never conflict with another bot?

“Forgive me, father, for I have sinned.”
“What sins have you committed, my child?”
“I keep singing Barenaked Ladies songs.”
“How long has it been since you last confessed?”
“IT’S BEEN — ”

Holy fuck, reading the latest two issues of WicDiv.

Kieron Gillen can make me FEEL shit.

mh (-), don’t need reassurance just to shout into the void 

agile d/s 

please donate to my kickstarter campaign to buy from centurylink

We just showed my son The Sixth Sense. As soon as they revealed the conceit he guessed the twist.

Which shows that as much as we're alike, he's also very much his mom's son. Because I am *oblivious* when consuming media. That movie hit young-me like a truck.

food, meat, conflating my productivity and self worth 

@janellecshane "Boil it until you can hear them weep" would have been a good book title too

Wait, what is that?



Did you always want to use Toot!, but did it just not look MANLY ENOUGH?

You can now buy Toot! for Men as an in-app purchase! You're a man, you can afford it!

You will get the all-new and entirely testosterone-fuelled TACTICOOL THEME:

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we need to reclaim programming as something for everyone

we need to reclaim it as a thing to use for fun and as a personal tool, instead of something you learn for careers to impress corporations

computer programming should be a place where misogyny, sexism, corporations, and capitalism don't belong

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