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The way capitalism shifts blame for systemic problems onto individuals is just fucking wild and what’s worse is the way that people internalize it.

I keep saying I’m not a furry but the evidence keeps mounting

Tomorrow @segfaultvicta and I are doing our company’s hackathon as Team Legalise Awoo and will be working on a client/server (i.e. play on your phones) implementarion of Werewolf

And I am SO excited

The killer feature that no video conferencing software seems to have figured out yet is a large alert that says YOU ARE NOT MUTED


I guess I follow Purism and stuff too so it isn't just them.

I'll stop subtooting now.

i will admit though that nintendo did do a great job of making sure that all of the starter pokemon's names sound like they mean something filthy in some obscure british slang

Just had my last appointment with the therapist I’ve had for five years 😭

(She got a promotion and is going to an office that’s 20+ minutes away) is a Pokémon-themed Mastodon server ran, administrated and moderated by me, with no intent of financial gain.

You might consider to join if you want an account dedicated to Pokémon, or know a Pokémon fan who is looking to join the fediverse! We are a safe, open and welcoming community.

We have every single Pokémon emoji, 807 characters, a classy dark brown theme, and a lot of other goodies and additional features!

At the risk of resurrecting my previous toot on the matter which ended up killing my notifications for a solid week, the new 1TB microSD cards just announced by SanDisk and Micron would mean that IPoverTrebuchet now supports packets of 225 petabytes

sorta food 

sorta food 

sorta food 

Give a person a program and frustrate them for a day.

Teach a person to program and frustrate them for a lifetime.

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