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update: apparently the fantasy football league I won is paying out ACTUAL MONEY

I don't know how much and apparently I'd owe $25 if I hadn't made the playoffs! Which I nearly didn't!

Tired: posting on Yahoo Answers to try to get on MBMBaM

Wired: finding dolls to post on eBay to try to get on Haunted Doll Watch

Inspired: using your college degree to get hired by Burger King to write press releases to try to get on Munch Squad

Dan relayed

As we move into a #NewYear, please remember:

The things you create bring joy to others; art makes life worth living
At the same time, the things you create and how much you create don't define your worth. You are worthwhile simply for being you
Take help when you need it, and give where you can. We're all in this together, so let's take care of each other.

You've made it through every year so far, and I'm so proud of you for it. I can't wait to see what you do!

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2019 is gonna be the year we:
- write better image captions!
- use clearer content warnings!
- speak more positively about ourselves!
- call each other out gently on small mistakes!
- bring down two or more national governments!
- get better at setting, insisting on and respecting boundaries!

good vibes only this year

I mean obviously I meant subtoot but sunroof works almost as well

Thats almost a sunroof in that its what I misread as a cw from someone else

I was a good kid but all the ways in which I must have been exhausting are deeeefinitely present in my son

Haha haha I won my fantasy football league

It was only 10 people, but still

I watched zero minutes of football this season. My team was named Pas Une Pipe. Eat it jocks.

If I main Kirby so far does that make me basic

Seventh out of seven straight days of family events is done. Time to collapse and play Smash Bros for like seventeen hours straight or something.

bathroom stuff, funny but not a joke Show more

bathroom stuff, funny but not a joke Show more


Are you deprived of essential nutrients because stuff like kale and raspberries are TOO GIRLY?


Its produce... for MEN

aha: it's supposed to look like "SHOW MORE" but doesn't. detective pikadan is on the case!

screenshot if you aren't using the objectively best mastodon theme

"Terrible" is probably an exaggeration but it's 15px instead of 13px and looks weird.

Does "Show thread" look terrible on every instance/theme or has it just not been added to the Masto95 css on cybre?

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if unskilled labor existed, minimum wage workers wouldn't have to attend training

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