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LMDE 3 was released 31 Aug 2018
LMDE 2 reaches EOL 1 Jan 2019

that's... pretty fucked, right? especially as the MATE version has no upgrade path and has to be a fresh install?

I installed LMDE 2 MATE in June and there was no indication anywhere that it was a bad idea.

Or is it that you can only upgrade *to* Cinnamon? I'd be fine with that.

This is all because I can't get gcc-5 on LMDE 2. Grr. Arg.

Sooo Linux Mint LMDE 3 is Cinnamon-only, and there's no upgrade path from LMDE 2 MATE to LMDE 3

cool. cool cool cool.

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Id tell you a Fibonacci joke, but its probably as bad as the last two youve heard combined.

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tip for new users: get to know the admin of your instance! get to know the admins of other instances! slowly bring them over to your side! amass a great number of instances that stand with you! defeat garbodor on the battlefield and become god! mastodon is yours now!

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(Sees it is cyber Monday)
(Sigh) ok
I put on my robe and wizard hat

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I need to expand my ancient goddess pantheon. Right now I only give thanks towards Eris (Greek, chaos, fnord) and Ninkasi (Sumerian, beer).

Downloaded the official (paid, not beta) @tootapp last night and am very happy with it. The load more loads from where you are instead of the current toots feature is great and its lack was what was stopping me from wholeheartedly recommending it based on the beta.

So, yeah. Its charming and does alt text well and is pretty great overall!

During that new Santa movie on Netflix my daughter asked did this movie really happen? and is Mrs Claud real? but managed to not hit on The Big One

(My wife said just watch the movie! in response to the second)

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HEY! YOU! YES you! Send me one, or more, of your favorite workout/running jams

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Every leftist has a dark problematic past. Former TERFS, white supremacists, mgtows etc. whats important is our rejection of the shitty aspects of our past and pushing towards a better world where people dont have those phases of violence.

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tdor tunes:

LVELACE/DISPHORIA split cassette (

G.L.O.S.S. s/t 7" (same tracks as girlslivingoutsidesocietysshit)

SuperKnova's "Splendor Dysphoria" cassette (strawberry scented!)

then probably LJG iunno

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Idea: Design your UI as if your user is constantly in an emergency. Put nothing in their way, make everything obvious, make important things stand out.

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