@AzureHusky how did I get so excited about an imaginary trailer for a fake movie

@Cobalt @benhamill @maloki I was wrong: the canary wasn鈥檛 updated because it was very broad: github.com/riseupnet/riseup_he

(And I was the one who commented, even. Mind like a sieve.)

@Cobalt @benhamill @maloki I鈥檝e had an account there for a few years but haven鈥檛 ever really used it (I was going to do investigative journalism for like 14 minutes). They seem to have a lot of nice services, including VPN, so if you鈥檇 like an invite I can send one. (You need two for an account)

They did fail the canary test a bit ago: a message saying 鈥渨e have never been compromised by government agencies and will update again on MM/DD鈥 wasn鈥檛 updated. They claimed it was an oversight.

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I'm really glad that Vox unionized so I can watch the latest Unraveled, because I would like to purchase that shirt BDG is wearing during the press conference.

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I have a @writefreely instance set up now! And I spent the first post talking about Pokemon Go IV floors: blog.theconley.club/dan/iv-flo

@benhamill I'm about as not from Texas as you can be and still live in the US (east coast liberal woooo) and even I get that "howdy" means "hi" and not "how is it going". What a weird thing to do.

"Howdy good" sounds like a line of local chips or something though.

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If you want a good laugh, google "blockchain eli5" [explain it like I'm 5]. You get gems like:

"Blockchain is basically an immutable, distributed digital ledger. [...] a universal truth table that can be used by entities to check on transactions that has taken place."

Have. Have you met a 5-year-old.

@AzureHusky Disney: "no but like

if you paused Frozen at just the right time

you would see a dude! who was waving to a dude!

(because, you see, the dudes KISS. but not in the movie. offscreen, probably.)

we're so inclusive."

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As the pokemonpvp.club PVP IV checker is down, I wrote my own

And then made it into a Discord bot

If you鈥檇 like access to said bot, DM me (I鈥檒l make it totally open eventually when I鈥檓 confident I can run it on Heroku without running out of my free allotment, or if I move it to my own server)

All Pok茅mon trainers must

- to earn a gym badge
- to defeat the elite four
- whenever they lock eyes
with another trainer

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FINALLY I get to announce some very exciting news!

"Ghosts", the story upthread of this toot, is being published! It will be (in a slightly edited, improved form with better intro and a few lines that read poorly changed) one of the stories featured this year in Transcendent 4: The Year's Best Transgender Speculative Fiction, Edited by Bogi Tak谩cs and published by Lethe Press! Info and preorders can be found here!! lethepressbooks.com/store/p568

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