@darius Obsidian just added block level references publish.obsidian.md/help/How+t

(I found out about Obsidian when you mentioned it while looking for other options so I thought you might want to know!)

@apt rss feeds don't drive traffic to your website, and (unless you have some plugins that add it) don't allow for ads

I will die mad that Google Reader shutting down basically killed rss even though there are so many other great aggregators out there

uspol subtoot, nobody here except tangentially 

I feel like the general worldview that "people are fundamentally good" has to be challenged by the sheer volume of people out there who are "anti-mask" (and that "anti-mask" during a global pandemic even exists as a concept).

hot food take 

@spitesprite btw while being on .social is fine, donphan.social is a Pokémon themed instance I also have an account on!

hot food take 

health (physical/mental, mild negative), weight 

Just noticed @tootapp’s custom emoji button is called “emojo” and damn I love this app

health (physical/mental, mild negative), weight 

“Hey why do you look so wistful?”

“Just finished a story about satellites watching people play college football”

@mxbluesky my wife made a Facebook page called Slapping Dan and I agreed to be slapped on a video if it got 25 likes

it still apparently gets likes 11 years later

@AzureHusky I've never thought of a gall bladder as Statler and Waldorf before

I'm glad you've identified the problem!

"I reverse engineered McDonald's internal ordering API and I'm currently placing an order for a McSundae every minute at every McDonald's location in the US to figure out which ones have a broken ice cream machine."



@CobaltVelvet my opinions are ethically sourced from local businesses

luckily it appears typing `cd ..<enter>make` on the home timeline doesn't interact with anything

@LogicalDash @benhamill dramatically rip off a section and a shirt transforms into a dress, quick change style?

dream, lost friends 

other public domain characters that you could write queer retellings of if you wanted to:

James Bond
Sherlock Holmes
Peter Pan's entire cast
Christine Daae
Alice in Wonderland's entire cast
Snow White
All of the characters from Arthurian legends
Pretty much any old western hero and villain you can name from lore
The Nutcracker and the Mouse King's entire cast (I think)
Oliver Twist

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