@AzureHusky I have a stats question! I’d like to poll my department about two options. These are the options I’m thinking of:

- A
- B
- Either A or B
- Neither A nor B
- This doesn’t affect me

Is that statistically... good?

@benhamill hey everyone I've found it, the grossest description of allergies XD

Well, that and kicking Team Valor out of this gym downtown.

An acoustic singalong to True Trans Soul Rebel IS what I needed to end my night, it turns out.

What did people DO in public before they could tap idly at their phones?


There are these genderweird punk teens here and they’re so much cooler than me!

(I found the part of the bar that abuts a wall and have set up shop here, at least for now)

*shows up to the Laura Jane Grace show*

Ah yes, I’m super awkward in public. I remember this now.

some fuck domains available under 30$ Show more

@Siphonay oh god I hate it

(I mean it's a cool idea but wowzers am I glad it wasn't implemented)

🤖 Dan relayed

What happens with you divide by zero on a mechanical calculator.

This Devin Townshend fella kinda

sounds like Weird Al.

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Emojis Show more

@wolfie I just had to do some deep thinking as to whether I was 34 or 35. I thought it could even be 36 for a minute. It’s 34 but thanks for this few moments of utter confusion.

I mean I don’t hate the look. But it’s not how I saw the endeavor going.

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From this day forward, all Pokémon weak to dragon type are gonna get SCHOOL FED UP THE BONE BULGE

me at the end of the latest TAZ (not a spoiler) Show more

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