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try this one WIERD TRICK to get BETTER PAY and more BENEFITS (bosses HATE this!!!!)

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Sorry, it's 1998. If you want to listen to music on your computer, you have to hear a man say "it really whips the llama's ass" at least once, for some reason. Just normal computer stuff.

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Say what you will about Apple but I’ve been very happy with the screen time request system

(Of course here I once again reveal that I’m a Mastodon Dinosaur)

Also while I have you here the Switch parental controls are useless garbage

There’s no way to completely restrict access without the pin, only to limit to 15 min a day. So whoever wakes up first can play.

There’s no limit per profile, so if I set a decent time limit whoever wakes up first can use it all.

“your pin was entered incorrectly on Switch #1”

Uh Nintendo this thing is next to me on a table and I’m the only one awake

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And the Summit B Side! I only have the final strawberry in the Core now too.

Celeste is a *good fucking game*

I nearly spelled "wait" "wayt" just now, how's your Monday

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No no no! Java is the scientist! You're thinking of Java's Script

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Inspired by @citrustwee's toot I made a thing that will generate Minesweeper using Discord spoilers. 9x9, 10 bombs.


(I'm going through my music library now that it's on a NAS and seeing what didn't transfer over properly)

I have the Ladykiller in a Bind soundtrack?

(I still need to play that. And a billion other games.)

@impiaaa I was thinking that maybe cherry picking created a merge commit that wouldn't be present in your branch.

Or it might be like it takes commits 1, 2, and 3 from A and then makes a single commit in B?

I'm just going to stop talking though since I'm out of my element.

@impiaaa Depending on (I think) your configured "merge strategy" it might create a new commit for things.

But I only know enough about git to get in trouble.

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