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Just updated my “Alexa, good night” routine so it replies “later, skater”

“One or more of your domains will renew soon”, says the registrar I haven’t used in a decade

Also hi I hope everybody has been staying safe

lookin at you, Texans

is it a subtoot if it’s at yourself 

There are two classes of people:

1. People I don’t know well enough to air my personal problems to

2. People I know too well to air my personal problems to

I missed Honorary Astronaut’s EP the first time it came out, but the pink vinyl is back in stock.

But... it’s $20 for a five song EP. With $13 shipping. I can’t spend $33 on an EP. And I feel bad about that! Which is a silly feeling.

@humanetech Thanks for doing this!

I don't want to say it's dead, but @mattgen88 and I haven't had time to work on it in quite a while, and it's not yet "minimally functional".

SB Nation's Chart Party series is basically 90% of what I do or would like about sports

programming, firearms 

I guess it stands for "green unicorn" but damn if the gunicorn package doesn't make me think of a horse with a Glock duct taped to its head

tech, problematic language 

My manager just moved all our repos from "master" to "main" 🎉

rubik's cubes 

@matt Thanks for making me realize it's okay that I can't solve these things. Every so often I say "I should learn the algorithm!!" and go to a website that says something like "you just need to LR'U'RL'D" and close the tab.

"I've started carrying a pen and notebook every day but haven't written in it at all! I wonder why."

- me, who no longer goes anywhere or does anything or sees anybody

@wxcafe honestly now that you say it I'm shocked it doesn't exist

"Magical mushrooms or fungus that feeds off magic like the nuclear reactor shrooms" was the full note, for posterity.

I think I stole that from the latest Adventure Zone?

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Mixed in amongst my notes on a tech book was a thought I had for a D&D campaign. So the previews were

"Continuous integration is when code..."

"Magical mushrooms or fungus that f..."

"Standups only work if everyone is w..."

and I was confused as *hell* for a second

Why couldn’t the sailor say the alphabet?

He kept getting lost at c I'm not sure I've ever heard "catty corner".

Source: am yank

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