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fucking watch me, dotnet

@cj No hurry! It appears to still function properly in terms of getting and iterating over followers.

And we're in the US, but cases are pretty manageable here and being tech nerds the two of us can work from home.

@cj I looked at our commit history and I was working on it relatively steadily until the Thursday before COVID shut down schools, etc. I didn't realize it lined up so perfectly.

But then our company had another hackathon and we wanted another crack at it!

(Both times in our presentation I said "we got federation nearly working", and they deserved Ron Howard saying "they had not, in fact, gotten it nearly working". But NOW I do! I think. Publishing an object gets your followers, ads it to your outbox and their inbox, etc. Just need to actually have Create() do something beyond log.Println("create!")...)

I semi-frequently reflect on what I consider is a relatively "boring" life, as I got married and had kids young.

And then less frequently I remember that I've

* been on a panel at the American Library Association national conference

* won an American Advertising Award

* owned a brewery

and I guess I do kinda get around, huh?

@cj as the go fed issues show, I am back on my bullshit 😂

(But we’re very very close to having federated goodreads! I just have to keep chugging away at the database code. The new example on the site has been very helpful.)

masto / AP dev help 

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masto / AP dev help 

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masto / AP dev help 

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masto / AP dev help 

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masto / AP dev help 

Pretend I'm good at this website.

(if you search for the user you can see the hourglass: clicking it cancels the request)

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I assume there isn't a way to see the people you've sent follow requests to, because of harassment concerns?

I'd like to be able to cancel a request if possible, so I can re-send it, but just for testing purposes because I'm also the receiver of the request and my app probably isn't going to handle requests right the first time. So I assume the answer is "git gud lol".

update: the commit that adds webfinger support is building 🤞

@gargron And each instance has to sign up for a mailgun/whatever account?

How does Masotodon send its registration emails?

Back to working on our project and I'd like to send registration emails. Does it just use sendmail?

Me, as a NPC in our first scene: I need you go to this area and pose as a merchant

My son’s character: I don’t want to

Who told this kid about Conrad’s “refusal of the call”?

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doctors (-) 

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