I was really stuck on for a while and increasingly realized it was a mh issue. I work with the creator, and he was going to give a presentation on 8A yesterday so I did it quickly. Successfully! So then today I finished up 3 & 4, and did all of 5.

(I've tried getting him on Masto. Alas. The fall is kind of entirely absorbed in AoC planning.)

@staticsafe it's all js, so this is the sum of it danconley.net/mastodon/moved/m (I was trying to do it in pure vanilla js)

@staticsafe Right, I think I got as far as I did with publicly available information, and then maybe gave up? You can see your followers, right? Just not follow them or anything.

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@staticsafe I started working on danconley.net/mastodon/moved/ a while ago. It works, mostly, but I'm not sure about the "follow new account" functionality.

Moving my music to a NAS and importing via beets means realizing how many goddamn episodes of that utterly terrible Halo podcast I used to do are still on my hard drive.

There were good parts. And I had fun doing it! But it's not that we didn't understand what "editing" and "pacing" were, we were staunchly against the practices.

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Wait I just realized

The Github kerfluffle today was a hit job by oulipo.social

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oh my god I forgot I titled my presentation on Mastodon "Awoo D'etat"

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Beaver scouts? Cub scouts? Wolf scouts? I'm not saying Lord Baden Powell was a furry but I merely present to you the evidence

@benhamill it may have changed somewhat but for a while at least, in order to keep things secure/encrypted you had to use their app. I know they had desktop "connectors" that you could use to decrypt the IMAP before it got to Thunderbird/Mail.app/etc

I should check out our local coworking spac-

As of November 2, after six years Cowork Buffalo will be closing

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