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My son decided to make his own Baba Is You tiles

(He also quickly realized that he made them SO TINY)

quasi sex toy, food implied 

I know this is a lobster but I only saw the bottom part first, and, well. That’s a flared base.

My glasses are kind of scratched beyond the point of usefulness

eye contact 

I won a “spark plug” award at my scouting council level, for doing important work that people don’t always see. So I now have a spark plug necklace. Which is not something many people can say, I’d wager.

My entry in my pack’s Pinewood Derby (adult/sibling category) is a simple design that I hacked at a bit and covered in Stuart Semple’s Black 2.0 (which is not quite the blackest black paint in the world but is the blackest black artists can use who aren’t Anish Kapoor).

I should have primed it first, as it soaked in a bit and isn’t quite as black-hole as I’d like, but it’s still a cool look and will hopefully interest the kids.

screenshot if you aren't using the objectively best mastodon theme

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Here’s yesterday’s Gastly. Watercolors in Pixelmator are fun. The eyes/mouth are by far the weakest parts of it.

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Pretty damn good for a team of two and a one hour limit!

The fact that I lost this round means there is NO justice in this world

mh (-)ish, data 

Apparently I’ve gotten decent sleep the past two nights so why do I feel tired and overwhelmed and fragile?

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