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I did a craft at a virtual Cub Scout meeting where we made “Picasso pictures” which is a bad name but you make two self portraits and then combine them.

I think both of mine were better on their own but I’m trying to not be precious about art. (Also haha “art”)

And it was a lot of fun! I’m glad I did it.

eye contact, big dad energy 

This shirt I tried on today makes it look like I am EXTREMELY interested in telling you about my lawn care regimen

eye contact, young dork 

There was also this picture of me looking SUPER COOL at junior prom that is not dated at ALL

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day 1: “tiny cod Flames rise”

I cannot draw well

But these concepts defy traditional artistry

Second place in a (7 person) Pokémon Go PVP tournament! Got this adorable Eevee as a prize.

making something lewd what isn’t inherently 

I found where Bad Dragon gets their harvest

eye contact 

I asked my wife to clean up my neckline after I buzzed my head today. She just... kept going up the back of my head. So now I have a shaved head again.

From this day forward, all Pokémon weak to dragon type are gonna get SCHOOL FED UP THE BONE BULGE

In case you were feeling down about society: we had a food drive at a grocery store for a local food pantry. This is the result after *three hours*: it’s going on for another three hours, and we also got quite a lot of cash donations.

People are good.

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