day 1: “tiny cod Flames rise”

I cannot draw well

But these concepts defy traditional artistry

Second place in a (7 person) Pokémon Go PVP tournament! Got this adorable Eevee as a prize.

making something lewd what isn’t inherently 

eye contact 

From this day forward, all Pokémon weak to dragon type are gonna get SCHOOL FED UP THE BONE BULGE

In case you were feeling down about society: we had a food drive at a grocery store for a local food pantry. This is the result after *three hours*: it’s going on for another three hours, and we also got quite a lot of cash donations.

People are good.

My son decided to make his own Baba Is You tiles

(He also quickly realized that he made them SO TINY)

quasi sex toy, food implied 

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